Odyssey of Death! | Episode 93

Aired: May 5, 2022
Runtime: 25:03
Timestamps: 16
1. Bayou Bartholomew August 27, 19:28 CDT
2. Salem August 27, 20:30 EDT
3. Subspace August 28, 00:31 UTC
4. Mobius Dimension August 27, 17:07 UTC One Day Before Present
5. Mobius Dimension August 28, 17:07 UTC
6. New Genesis August 27, 17:08 UTC One Day Before Present
7. New Genesis August 28, 17:09 UTC
8. Supertown August 28, 17:19 UTC
9. The Phantom Zone August 29, 00:01 UTC
10. Supertown August 29, 00:02 UTC
11. Boiling Lake Crater August 29, 00:14 UTC
12. Mobius Dimension August 29, 06:42 UTC
13. Supertown August 30, 21:00 UTC
14. Dakota City September 02, 16:16 CDT
15. Central City September 02, 16:17 CDT
16. Salem September 03, 00:00 EDT
Heroes: Justice League (Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Rocket, The Flash/Jay Garrick, and Blue Devil), Kid Flash, Legion of Super-Heroes (Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl, and Phantom Girl), Green Lantern Corps (Tomar-Re, Kilowog, and Forager), Orion, Forager, Superboy, Forever People (Dreamer, Bear, Moonrider, Serifan, and Vykin), Infinity Man, Lightray, and Thirteen
Villains: Mantis, Ma'alefa'ak, Lor-Zod, Non, Dru-Zod, and Ursa Zod
Supporting: Madame Xanadu, Zatara, Metron, Highfather, Celestia, Highmother, Larvae, Promethean, Noble Davis, Amistad Ervin, Isis, Garth, Mera, Khalid Nassour, Jason Blood, and Phantom Stranger
Beasts: Sun Eater
Objects: Helmet of Fate, Bio-Ship, Cosmic Treadmill, Legion Flight Ring, Time Sphere, Phantom Zone Projector, Kaizer-Thrall, Power Ring, Boom Tube, Moebius Chair, Aerodiscs, Mother Box, Astro Harness, Ruction Cell, and Javelin
Places: Bayou Bartholomew, Tower of Fate, Salem, Subspace, Mobius Dimension, New Genesis, Supertown, Phantom Zone, Boiling Lake Crater, Dakota City, Central City, The Hub, and Hollywood
References: "Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!", Kryptonite, "Beyond the Grip of the Gods!", Krypton, Superman, The Source, Darkseid, "Away Mission", Nightwing, Sciencell, Oa, William Shakespeare, "Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!", and Hamlet
Written By: Aaron Sparrow
Directed By: Christina Sotta
Storyboard: Kelly Kao, Brandon McKinney, J. Andres Velasco, and Rozlynn Waltz
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones and Yujin Lee
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir