Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past! | Episode 92

Aired: April 28, 2022
Runtime: 24:56
Timestamps: 10
1. Supertown August 28, 11:43 UTC
2. Mountain Hive August 26, 21:59 UTC
3. Supertown August 26, 23:00 UTC
4. Star City August 28, 09:00 PDT
5. The Phantom Zone
6. Mobius Dimension August 26, 23:06 UTC
7. Mobius Dimension August 27, 14:11 UTC
8. Supertown August 27, 14:16 UTC
9. Mobius Dimension August 28, 16:55 UTC
10. Mobius Dimension August 27, 17:06 UTC
Heroes: Justice League (Rocket, Flash/Jay Garrick, Black Canary, and Superman), Orion, Lightray, Forager, Beast Boy, Vykin, Green Lantern Corps (Tomar-Re and Kilowog), Bear, The Team (Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, Robin, and Zatanna), Phantom Girl, and Razer
Villains: Ma'alefa'ak, Lor-Zod, Mantis, Dru-Zod, Match (hallucination), Lex Luthor (hallucination), Faora Hu-Ul, Vor-Kil, Jax-Ur, Non, Kru-El, and Ursa Zod
Supporting: Celestia, All-Widow, Mountain Hive Forager, Larvae, Highfather, Metron, Jonny Kent, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Lois Lane, J'emm J'axx, M'aatt M'orzz, and B'arzz O'oomm
Beasts: Sun Eater and Wolf
Objects: Aerodiscs Time Sphere, Kaizer-Thrall, Ruction Cell, Moebius Chair, Boom Tube, Power Rings, Infinity Vault, Legion Flight Ring, Sphere, Emerald Eye of Ekron, Kryptonite, and Phantom Zone Projector
Places: Supertown, New Genesis, Mountain Hive, Star City, Sherwood Florist, Phantom Zone, Mobius Dimension, The Cave, Smallville, Hall of Justice, Carr Residence, Mars, Hollow Hill, ad Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk
References: Highmother, "Beyond the Grip of the Gods!", "Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!", Darkseid, Apokolips, Black Lightning, The Outsiders, "Emergency Dive", "Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!", Space Trek 3016, "Involuntary", Cyborg, Halo, Anti-Life Equation, Hal Jordan, Krypton, Jor-El, Zor-El, Devourers, "Ebb Tide", Rao, Perdita Vladek, "Kaerb Ym Traeh!", "Odnu!", "First Impression", Dreamer, Joan Garrick, "Nautical Twilight", "Usual Suspects", "Princes All", Gene Bomb, Martians, "Nevermore", Brion Markov, "Endgame", North Pole, Rita Farr, Doom Patrol, Maria Logan, "Players", Queen Bee, "Volatile", and Romeo and Juliet
Written By: Greg Weisman
Directed By: Vinton Heuck
Storyboard: Charles E. Drost, III, Samuel Montes, and Byron Penaranda
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones, Yujin Lee, and Sam Liu
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir