Teg Ydaer! | Episode 83

Aired: December 16, 2021
Runtime: 25:03
Timestamps: 3
1. Roanoke Island May 14, 03:20 EDT
2. Salem May 14, 03:22 EDT
3. Hollywood May 14, 00:23 PDT
Heroes: Thirteen, Justice League (Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Zatara, Plastic Man, Atom, Icon, Red Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman), Outsiders (Wonder Girl, Stargirl, El Dorado, and Beast Boy), Sergeant Marvel, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Justice Society of America (Flash, Geen Lantern, Red Tornado, Sandman, and Wildcat)
Villains: Klarion, Vandal Savage, Starro, Wotan, and Child
Supporting: Lords of Order and Chaos, Arion, Jason Blood, Mary Bromfield, Khalid Nassour, Phantom Stranger, Nabu, Ishtar, The Light, Jane Nassour, Muhammed Nassour, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury, Billy Batson, Kent Nelson, Charlie Daggett, and Penny Randall
Beasts: Teekl, Leroy, and Flaw
Objects: Helmet of Fate, Zeta Tube, Cosmic Staff, Trick Arrows, Power Ring, Utility Belt, and Lasso of Turth
Places: Atlantis, Babylon, Roanoke Island, Tower of Fate, Salem, Hollywood, The Hub, Bayou Bartholomew, Warworld, and Hall of Justice
References: "Nomed Esir!" "Odnu!", Inza, Super Friends, Blue Beetle, "Evolution", Shazam! (1974), Headmaster, "Denial", "Revelation", "Misplaced", "War", The Team, Mayflower, Freddie Freeman, Marie Logan, Space Trek 3016, "Humanity", "Usual Suspects", and Metropolis
Written By: Nida Chowdhry
Directed By: Vinton Heuck
Storyboard: Charles E. Drost III, Samuel Montes, and Byron Penaranda
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones and Yujin Lee
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir