Odnu! | Episode 81

Aired: December 2, 2021
Runtime: 22:53
Timestamps: 6
1. Manhattan May 13, 20:20 EDT
2. Salem May 13, 20:28 EDT
3. Hollywood May 13, 17:31 PDT
4. Khuiten Peak May 14, 07:32 ICT
5. New Orleans May 13, 22:43 CDT
6. Roanoke Island May 13, 23:49 EDT
Heroes: Zatanna, Thirteen, Dr. Fate, Blue Devil, Mist, Beast Boy, and Legion of Super-Heroes (Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy)
Villains: Trogowogs, The Light (Zviad Baazovi, Ultra-Humanite, Klarion, Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, Deathstroke, and Vandal Savage), and Child
Supporting: Lords of Order and Chaos, Khalid Nassour, Mary Bromfield, Henry Fyff, Charlie Daggett, Penny Randall, Madame Xanadu, Marvin Fargo, and Phantom Stranger
Beasts: Teekl, Leroy, and Flaw
Objects: Helmet of Fate, Zeta Tube, Star of Atlantis, and Legion Flight Ring
Places: Manhattan, Harlem, Salem, Tower of Fate, Hollywood, The Hub, Western Mongolia, Khuiten Peak, New Orleans, and Roanoke Island
References: Mercury, Hercules, Sentinels of Magic, Markovia, Helga Jace, Tar, Brion Markov, Troia, Mr. Tawney, Mary Poppins, The Team, Shazam, Metropolis, Atlantis, Preservation Hall, "Denial", Kent Nelson, Abra Kadabra, "Early Warning", Zeus, A Few Good Men, "Misplaced", Space Trek 2016, and Mars
Written By: Jake Baumgart
Directed By: Christina Sotta
Storyboard: Emily Hu, Kelly Kao, and Rozlynn Waltz
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones and Yujin Lee
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir