Involuntary | Episode 76

Aired: October 28, 2021
Runtime: 25:03
Timestamps: 3
1. M'arzz March 25, 16:16 UTC
2. Ma'aleca'andra March 25, 16:16 UTC
3. Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk March 25, 17:23 UTC
Heroes: Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, Legion of Super-Heroes (Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Saturn Girl), Superman, and Martian Manhunter
Villains: Ma'alefa'ak and Lor-Zod
Supporting: Martians, S'yraa S'mitt, M'aatt M'orzz, J'ann M'orzz, Em'ree J'onzz, J'emm J'axx, S'turnn J'axx, R'ess E'dda, J'arlia J'axx, R'ohh K'arr, and K'arr M'angg
Objects: Bio-Ship, Baby, Gene Bomb, Time Sphere, Legion Flight Ring, Javelin, and Time Scanner
Places: M'arzz, Ma'aleca'andra, Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk
References: The Team, "Needful", "Away Mission", Giant, Blister, New Genesis, C'eridy'all, "Volatile", "Inhospitable", Zeta Tube, M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite, The Outsiders, Ma'arzuu Beast, Ma'arphin Beast, Rannian Lizard-Bird, Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Thirteen, Apokolips, and Kryptonite
Written By: Francisco Paredes
Directed By: Christopher Berkeley
Storyboard: Matthew Bordenave, Tom Derosier, and Carl Peterson
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones and Yujin Lee
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir