Volatile | Episode 75

Aired: October 21, 2021
Runtime: 24:33
Timestamps: 6
1. Ma'aleca'andra March 24, 10:21 UTC
2. M'arzz March 24, 10:23 UTC
3. Crystal Save March 24, 13:18 UTC
4. Hollow Hill March 24, 13:19 UTC
5. G'all'ee Crater March 24, 14:47 UTC
6. Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk March 24, 22:04 UTC
Heroes: The Outsiders (Beast Boy, Robin, Windfall, Stargirl, Wonder Girl, and Superboy), Miss Martian, Legion of Super-Heroes (Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl, and Phantom Girl), and Superman
Villains: Kobra Cult, Kobra, and Geo-Force (Illusion)
Supporting: M'aatt M'orzz, J'ann M'orzz, Em'ree J'onzz, J'emm J'onzz, S'yraa S'mitt, Martians, R'ess E'dda, J'arlia J'axx, R'ohh K'arr, S'turnn J'axx, and B'arzz O'oomm
Beasts: Ma'arzuu Beast
Objects: Cosmic Staff, Utility Belt, Bio-Ship, Baby, and Legion Flight Ring
Places: Ma'aleca'andra, M'arzz, Crystal Cave, Hollow Hill, G'all'ee Crater, Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk, and Watchtower
References: G.I. Joe: Real American Hero, Needful, M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite, "Inhospitable", Lor-Zod, Sacred River, Zeta Tube, Premiere Building, Martian Manhunter, "Nevermore", Baron Bedlam, Markovian Royal Palace, Halo, Terra, Tigress, Nightwing, Cyborg, Lucas Carr, The Reach, Scarab, "Intervention", "Endgame", Ma'alefa'ak, "Players Chapter Six: Rolling Doubles", Marie Logan, "Nightmare Monkeys", Rita Farr, Wally West, Zviad Baazovi, "The One Big Thing", Forager, Lois Lane, Javelin, Jonathan Kent, Iris West-Allen, and Boom Tube
Written By: Brandon Vietti
Directed By: Christina Sotta
Storyboard: Emily Hu, Kelly Kao, and Rozlynn Waltz
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones and Yujin Lee
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir