Inhospitable | Episode 73

Aired: October 16, 2021
Runtime: 25:46
Timestamps: 5
1. Happy Harbor February 25, 18:38 EST
2. Happy Harbor February 25, 07:38 EST One Year Later...
3. M'arzz March 22, 16:16 UTC
4. Ma'aleca'andra March 22, 16:22 UTC
5. Bio-Cavern March 22, 17:38 UTC
Heroes: The Outsiders (Superboy, Forager, Terra, and Beast Boy), The Team (Miss Martian and Halo), Justice League (Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Black Canary), Legion of Super-Heroes (Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Phantom Girl)
Villains: Ma'alefa'ak, K'omm B'lanxx, and Lor-Zod
Supporting: Harper Row, Cullen Row, Bethany Lee-Carr, Lucas Carr, Em'ree J'onzz, Martians, J'ann M'orzz, M'aatt 'orzz, R'ess E'dda, S'turnn J'axx, and R'ohh K'arr
Beasts: Wolf
Objects: Sphere, Bio-Ship, Zeta Tube, Legion Flight Ring, M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite, Baby, and Time Sphere
Places: Happy Harbor, Carr Residence, M'arzz, Ma'aleca'andra, Bio-Cavern, and Watchtower
References: "Nevermore", Brion Markov, "Independence Day", Wonder Girl, Flitter, Perdita Vladek, Space Trek 3016, NASA, "Endgame", Hello, Megan!, Marie Logan, Rita Farr, Klamulon, G. Gordon Godfrey, Stargirl, "Early Warning", "First Impression", Kid Flash, Blue Beetle, Static, Jonathan and Martha Kent, Lex Luthor, S'yraa S'mitt, Zatanna, Thirteen, Baron Bedlam, Sardath, Apokolips, Black Lightning, Gabrielle Daoh, and Morgan Shepard
Written By: Greg Weisman
Directed By: Christopher Berkeley
Storyboard: Matthew Bordenave, Tom Derosier, and Carl Peterson
Storyboard Revision: Christopher Jones and Yujin Lee
Animation Services Provided By: Studio Mir