Unknown Factors | Episode 67

Aired: August 6, 2019
Runtime: 23:20
Timestamps: 8
1. Hollywood January 20, 20:26 PST
2. Gotham City January 20, 23:39 EST
3. Shayeris January 21, 23:28 UTC-2
4. Gotham City January 21, 20:29 EST
5. Ivy Town January 21, 20:30 EST
6. Hollywood January 21, 17:32 PST
7. Ivy Town January 22, 00:16 EST
8. Western Mongolia January 22, 12:18 ICT
Heroes: Nightwing, Black Lightning, Oracle, Aquaman, Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Geo-Force, Terra, Forager, and Halo
Villains: Granny Goodness, Ultra-Humanite, and Darkseid
Supporting: Cat Grant, Calvin Durham, Sha'lain'a, Dolphin, Wyynde, Mal Duncan, Silas Stone, Victor Stone, Dr. Jace, Evelyn Fox, and Rhea Malia Beecher Duncan
Objects: Darkwear, Utility Belt, Mother Box, Overlord, Water-Bearers, Bio-Ship, Zeta-Tube, Beetle Mini Drone, Boom Tube, and Batplane
Places: Earth 16, Hollywood, Gotham City, Shayeris, Ivy Town, The Hub, Ivy University Hospital, X-Pit, and Western Mongolia
References: TCL Chinese Theatre, Goode World Studios, Yuga Khan, Galaxy Broadcasting System, Connor Kent, Dreamer, Apokolips, Justice League, Anti-Light, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Miss Martian, The Team, Conservatory of Sorcery, Condiment King, Martin Luthor King Jr. Day, Kubler-Ross Model, Blue Beetle, Crash, "True Heroes", Markovia, Ryan Choi, Dr. Ray Palmer, Dr. Peter Anton Cross, Infinity Inc., The Old Gods, and Anti-Life Equation
Written By: Brandon Vietti
Directed By: Vinton Heuck
Storyboard: Chuck Drost, Sam Montes, and Sung Shin
Storyboard Revision: Jarelle Dampier, Anissa Espinosa, and Allison Smith
Animation Services Provided By: DR Movie