Quiet Conversations | Episode 66

Aired: July 30, 2019
Runtime: 24:09
Timestamps: 8
1. Hollywood January 01, 00:01 PST
2. Hollywood January 02, 04:16 PST
3. The Source Wall January 02, 13:15 UTC
4. Happy Harbor January 02, 08:16 EST
5. Dhabar January 02, 15:17 UTC+2
6. Taos January 02, 06:18 MST
7. Poseidonis January 02, 11:19 UTC-2
8. Minosyss Ring January 02, 13:20 UTC
Heroes: Forager, Geo-Force, Terra, Black Lightning, Superboy, Dreamer, Tigress, Miss Martian, Halo, Aquaman, and Superman
Supporting: Victor Stone, Dr. Jace, Metron, Harper Row, Madia Daou, Samad Daou, Eduardo Dorado Sr., Meta Teen A-41, Silas Stone, Gog, King Orin, Wyynde, Sha'lain'a, Calvin Durham, and Cullen Row
Beasts: Parademon
Objects: Zeta-Tube, Mother Box, Boom Tube, Mobius Chair, Sphere, Water-Bearers, and Father Box
Places: Earth 16, Hollywood, The Hub, The Source Wall, Happy Harbor High School, Happy Harbor, Dhabar, S.T.A.R. Labs, Meta-Human Youth Center, Taos, Poseidonis, Minosyss Ring, and Shayeris
References: Forever People, New Genesis, The Source, Gabrielle Daou, Jaculi, Markovian Royal Palace, Bear, Dr. Irons/Steel, Promethean Gods, Female Furies, DeSaad, Granny Goodness, Anti-Life Machine, Justice League, Outsiders, Queen Mera, Professor Ivo, King Viktor, Queen Ilona, Markovia, San Diego, Marcus Row, Bedlam, Queen Bee, and Deathstroke
Written By: Greg Weisman
Directed By: Mel Zwyer
Storyboard: Matt Bordenave, David Maximo, and Christina Sotta
Storyboard Revision: Jarelle Dampier, Anissa Espinosa, and Allison Smith
Animation Services Provided By: Digital eMation