Elder Wisdom | Episode 65

Aired: July 23, 2019
Runtime: 23:35
Timestamps: 4
1. Taos December 31, 07:15 MST
2. Hollywood January 01, 14:24 PST
3. Dublin January 01, 22:41 UTC
4. Gotham City January 01, 21:10 EST
Heroes: Wonder Woman, Outsiders (Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, El Dorado, Blue Beetle, Static, and Geo-Force), The Team (Halo, Terra, and Miss Martian), Flash, Aquaman, Robin, Batman, Oracle, and Nightwing
Villains: Lex Luthor, Lady Shiva, and Cassandra Savage
Supporting: Garth, Zviad Baazovi, General M'barra, G. Gordon Godfrey, Troia, Lia Briggs, Eduardo Dorado Sr., Dr. Jace, Dr. Sandsmark, Jay Garrick, Matthew Malone, Moira Malone, Wendy Jones, and Gaby Gabrielli
Objects: Javelin, Control Disk, Bio-Ship, Boom Tube, Zeta-Tube, Scarab, Spider Bots, MONQI, Proprietary Collar, Water-Bearers, Utility Belt, and Batplane
Places: Earth 16, Bwundasa, Luthor Grande Hotel, S.T.A.R. Labs, Taos, Meta-Human Youth Center, Hollywood, The Hub, Dublin, Gotham City, Batcave, and Galaxy Broadcasting System
References: Lexcorp, Hippolyta, Moded, Watchtower, Justice League, Atlantis, Themyscira, The Light, Artemis Crock, "Early Warning", Victor Stone, Forager, Ultra-Humanite, Henchy, Gabrielle, Harper Row, Washington D.C., Erdel Initiative, WayneTech, Professor Ivo, Happy Harbor High School, The Grotto, Wally West, Quarci, Markovian Royal Palace, Bedlam, Jaculi, King Viktor, Queen Ilona, Joan Garrick, Flitter, Justice Society of America, Eyespasm, Superman, and "True Heroes"
Written By: Paul Giacoppo
Directed By: Christopher Berkeley
Storyboard: Carl Peterson, Whitney Tang, and Jose Andres Velasco
Storyboard Revision: Jarelle Dampier, Anissa Espinosa, and Allison Smith
Animation Services Provided By: DR Movie