Leverage | Episode 61

Aired: July 2, 2019
Runtime: 22:29
Timestamps: 10
1. Burbank November 16, 16:16 PST
2. Star City November 16, 17:17 PST
3. The Watchtower November 16, 21:21 EST
4. Taos November 16, 20:20 MST
5. Verhoyansk November 17, 23:23 VLAT
6. Taos November 17, 07:07 MST
7. Belle Reve Parish November 17, 10:10 CST
8. Dakota City November 17, 11:11 CST
9. Brentwood November 17, 12:12 PST
10. Star City November 17, 16:16 PST
Heroes: The Team (Beast Boy, Tigress, Forager, Terra, Geo-Force, Halo, and Miss Martian), Aquaman, Black Canary, Rocket Red Brigade (Rocket Red #1 and Rocket Red #4), and Hardware
Villains: Granny Goodness, Suicide Squad (Black Manta, Monsieur Mallah, and Captain Boomerang), Amanda Waller, Henchy, and Jaculi
Supporting: Paul Sloane, J. Anson Schwartz, Johnny Drew, Will Harper, Lian Nguyen-Harper, Eduardo Dorado Sr., Wendy Jones, Eduardo Dorado Jr., Nathaniel Tryon, Mist, Livewire, Celia Windward, and Dr. Jace
Beasts: Brucely
Objects: Zeta-Tube, Water-Bearers, Proprietary Collar, Bio-Ship, and Trick Arrows
Places: Earth 16, Burbank, Goode World Studios, Star City, Watchtower, Taos, Meta-Human Youth Center, Verhoyansk, Area-52, S.T.A.R. Labs, Belle Reve Parish, Belle Reve Prison, Brentwood, Dakota City, and Markovian Royal Palace
References: Justice League, Bedlam, Markovia, Boom Tube, Sportsmaster, Rick Flagg, The Light, Central City, Rann, Warden Economos, Task Force X, and Angel O'Day
Written By: Thomas Pugsley
Directed By: Vinton Heuck
Storyboard: Chuck Drost, Sam Montes, and Sung Shin
Storyboard Revision: Jarelle Dampier, Anissa Espinosa, Diana Ling, and Allison Smith
Animation Services Provided By: Digital eMation