Princes All | Episode 47

Aired: January 4, 2019
Runtime: 24:16
Timestamps: 10
1. The Watchtower, July 4, 21:16 EDT
2. Markovburg, July 04, 22:16 EEST Two Years Later
3. Rann, July 16, 00:16 UTC
4. The Watchtower, July 27, 19:57 EDT
5. Moscow, July 28, 03:03 MSK
6. Star City, July 29, 07:16 PDT
7. Markovburg, July 29, 03:00 EEST
8. Happy Harbor, July 29, 10:16 PDT
9. Metropolis, July 29, 22:16 EDT
10. Metropolis, July 30, 00:00 EDT
Heroes: Justice League (Superman, Ice, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern/John Stewart, Steel, Aquaman/Kaldur'ahm, Dr. Fate, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Zatanna, Batman, Red Tornado, Plastic Man, Katana, Flash, Hardware, and Batwoman), The Team (Miss Martian, Superboy, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Robin, Static, Arrowette, and Spoiler), Nightwing, Oracle, and Tigress
Villains: Simon Ecks, Henchy, Count Vertigo, and Jaculi
Supporting: Otton von Furth, Anna von Furth/Plasma, Dr. Jace, Adam Strange, Alanna, Cat Grant, Brion Markov, Baron DeLamb, King Viktor Markov, Queen Ilona DeLamb-Markov, Will Haper, Lian Nguyen-Harper, Halo, Gregor Markov, G. Gordon Godfrey, Jennifer Pierce, Anissa Pierce, and Lunn Stewart-Pierce
Beasts: Parademons, Brucely, and Wolf
Objects: Control Chip, Tar, Metamorphosis Pods, Father Box, Scarab, Utility Belt, Zeta-Tube, Water-Bearers, Helmet of Fate, Trick Arrows, Lasso of Truth, Darkwear, and Super-Cycle
Places: Earth 16, Markovburg, Markovburg Children's Hospital, Rann, Watchtower, Moscow, Markovian Royal Palace, Star City, Happy Harbor, Carr Residence, New York City, GBS Headquarters, Metropolis, and Centennial Park
References: The Trial, Rimbor, United Nations, Lex Luthor, Rhelasia, Batman Incorporated, Crash, Galaxy Broadcasting System, Tara Markov, Qurac, Bialya, Wally West, and Mount Justice
Written By: Greg Weisman
Directed By: Christopher Berkeley
Storyboard: Carl Peterson, Chris Rutkowski, and Whitney Tang
Storyboard Revision: Anissa Espinosa, Diana Ling, and Allison Smith
Animation Services Provided By: DR Movie Studio
First Draft: February 7, 2017
Final Record Draft: Febbruary 21, 2017
Animatic Script: July 14, 2017