Before The Dawn | Episode 36

Aired: January 5, 2013
Timestamps: Four
1. Pacific Ocean, March 30, 18:28 HAST
2. Star City, March 30, 21:57 PDT
3. The Watchtower, March 31, 06:40 EDT
4. Mariana Trench, March 31, 22:42 ChST
Heroes: The Team (Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, Beast Boy, Impulse, Batgirl, Robin, Bumblebee, Miss Martian, Nightwing, Wonder Girl, and Superboy), Captain Atom, and Aquaman
Villains: The Reach (Reach Ambassador, Reach Scientist, and Black Beetle), Kaldur'ahm, Shimmer, and Tigress
Supporting: Tye Longshadow, Virgil Hawkins, Eduardo Dorado Junior, Asami Koizumi, Stephanie Brown, G. Gordon Godfrey, and Secretary-General Tseng
Objects: Scarab, Containment Pods, Reach Ships, Glamour Charm, Manta Flyer, Bio-Ship, and Utility Belt
Places: Earth 16, El Paso, Kord Industries, Pacific Ocean, Star City, The Watchtower, United Nations Headquarters, and Mariana Trench
Written By: Kevin Hopps
Directed By: Tim Divar