Darkest | Episode 35

Aired: October 6, 2012
Timestamps: Seven
1. Gulf of Mexico, March 23, 16:03 EDT
2. El Paso, March 23, 18:18 MDT
3. Ivy Town, March 23, 20:20 EDT
4. Mount Justice, March 23, 21:05 EDT
5. Happy Harbor, March 23, 22:23 EDT
6. Washington D.C., March 24, 03:12 EDT
7. Atlantic Ocean, March 24, 03:17 EDT
Heroes: The Team (Lagoon Boy, Impulse, Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, Nightwing, Beast Boy, and Superboy) and The Atom
Villains: Black Manta (II), Tigress, Terror Twins, Icicle Junior, Shimmer, and The Light (Black Manta, Vandal Savage, Queen Bee, Lex Luthor, Klarion, The Brain, and Ra's al Ghul)
Supporting: Mal Duncan, Tye Longshadow, Virgil Hawkins, Eduardo Dorado Junior, Asami Koizumi, and Wally West
Beasts: Wolf
Objects: Manta Sub, Containment Pods, Proprietary Collars, Manta Flyer, Glamour Charm, Scarab, Water-Bearers, Zeta-Tubes, Utility Belt, and Sphere
Places: Earth 16, Gulf of Mexico, El Paso, Ivy Town, Ivy University, Mount Justice, The Cave, Happy Harbor, Washington D.C., Hall of Justice, and Atlantic Ocean
Written By: Jon Weisman
Directed By: Mel Zwyer