Depths | Episode 33

Aired: June 9, 2012
Timestamps: Seven
1. Palo Alto, March 19, 08:12 PDT
2. Cape Canaveral, March 19, 21:22 EDT
3. Mount Justice, March 19, 11:42 EDT, 10 Hours Earlier
4. Cape Canaveral, March 19, 20:59 EDT
5. Atlantic Ocean, March 20, 00:00 EDT
6. Mount Justice, March 20, 03:58 EDT
7. Bludhaven, March 20, 04:00 EDT
Heroes: The Team (Artemis, Nightwing, Superboy, Miss Martian, Lagoon Boy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, and Bumblebee), Zatanna, and Rocket
Villains: Black Manta (II) and Black Manta
Supporting: G. Gordon Godfrey, Wally West, Mal Duncan, Carol Ferris, Cat Grant, Jimmy Olsen, and Tom Kalmaku
Objects: Utility Belt, Trick Arrows, Zeta-Tube, Bio Ship, Manta Flyer, Water-Bearers, Manta Sub, and Glamour Charm
Places: Earth 16, Cape Canaveral, Palo Alto, Mount Justice, The Cave, Kennedy Space Center, Atlantic Ocean, Bludhaven, and The Warehouse
Story By: Kevin Hopps
Teleplay By: Paul Giacoppo
Directed By: Tim Divar