Coldhearted | Episode 20

Aired: March 10, 2012
Timestamps: Nine
1. Central City, November 11, 07:16 CST
2. Mount Justice, November 11, 16:05 EST
3. Boston, November 11, 16:26 EST
4. Chicago, November 11, 16:49 CST
5. South Dakota, November 11, 16:13 MST
6. Montana, November 11, 17:09 MST
7. Seattle, November 11, 17:08 PST
8. Seattle, November 12, 06:39 PST
9. Belle Reve, November 13, 12:03 CST
Heroes: The Team (Kid Flash, Artemis, Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Superboy), Zatanna, and Justice League (Red Tornado, Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter)
Villains: Vandal Savage, Joe Henchy, Count Vertigo, Brick, Professor Strange, Icicle Senior, Icicle Junior, Killer Frost, Mr. Freeze, and Captain Cold
Supporting: Rudy and Mary West, Iris West-Allen, Mattie Harcourt, Dr. Cross, and Queen Perdita
Beasts: Wolf
Objects: Flying Ice Fortresses, Zeta-Tube, Batplane, Utility Belt, Super-Cycle, Bio Ship, Water-Bearers, and Trick Arrows
Places: Earth 16, Central City, Mount Justice, The Cave, Boston, Boston General Hospital, Chicago, South Dakota, Montana, Seattle, Seattle Medical Center, and Belle Reve Penitentiary
Written By: Jon Weisman
Directed By: Victor Cook