Home Front | Episode 12

Aired: September 30, 2011
Timestamps: Two
1. Gotham City, September 22, 06:00 EDT
2. Mount Justice, September 22, 18:43 EDT
Heroes: The Team (Artemis, Robin, Miss Martian, Superboy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad) and Justice League (Red Tornado, Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman, Captain Atom, Martian Manhunter, and Black Canary)
Villains: Cheshire, Red Torpedo, and Red Inferno
Supporting: Paula Crock, Bette Kane, and Barbara Gordon
Objects: Zeta-Tube, Bio Ship, The Sphere, Water-Bearers, Utility Belt, Trick Arrows, and Helmet of Fate
Places: Earth 16, Gotham City, Gotham City Academy, Mount Justice, and The Cave
Written By: Jon Weisman
Directed By: Michael Chang