Targets | Episode 10

Aired: September 16, 2011
Timestamps: Three
1. Taipei, September 7th, 19:20 NST
2. Mount Justice, September 7th, 06:41 EDT
3. Happy Harbor, September 7th, 07:58 EDT
Heroes: Red Arrow and The Team (Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian), Martian Manhunter, and Red Tornado
Villains: League of Shadows (Cheshire), Sportsmaster, Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves, and Ra's Al Ghul
Supporting: Cat Grant, Prime Minister Tseng, General Singh Manh Li, Captain Xiaping, Marvin White, Karen Beecher, Mal Duncan, Wendy Harris, and Lucas Carr
Objects: Trick Arrows, Water-Bearers, Zeta-Tube, and The Sphere
Places: Earth 16, Taipei, The Cave, Mount Justice, Happy Harbor, and Happy Harbor High School
Written By: Andrew Robinson
Directed By: Christopher Berkeley