Downtime | Episode 08

Aired: March 4, 2011
Timestamps: Seven
1. Gotham City, August 27th, 06:17 EDT
2. Mount Justice, August 27th, 07:58 EDT
3. Poseidonis, August 27th, 13:00 UTC-02
4. Gotham City, August 27th, 20:04 EDT
5. Central City, August 27th, 20:05 CDT
6. Gotham City, August 27th, 22:06 EDT
7. Poseidonis, September 3rd, 21:08 UTC-02
Heroes: The Team (Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy, Kid Flash, Robin, and Artemis), Batman, Aquaman, Red Tornado, Flash (Barry Allen), and Flash (Jay Garrick)
Villains: Clayface, Ocean Master, Starro, Black Manta, and The Light
Supporting: Atlanteans, Lagoon Boy, Lori Lemaris, Topo, Garth, Tula, Queen Mera, Dr. Vulko, Prince Orm, Ondine, Rodunn, Alfred Pennyworth, Iris Allen, Rudy & Mary West, Joan Garrick, and Paula Crock
Objects: Water-Bearers, Utility Belt, Zeta-Tube, Manta Stings, Trick Arrows, and Manta Sub
Places: Earth 16, Gotham City, Bichel Co., Mount Justice, The Cave, Atlantic Ocean, Poseidonis, Conservatory of Sorcery, Happy Harbor, Wayne Manor, Batcave, and Central City
Written By: Kevin Hopps
Directed By: Jay Oliva