Young Justice: Targets

Foreign Affairs | Issue #4

DC Universe Release Date: September 13, 2022
Digital Wide Release Date: October 13, 2022
Physical Release Date: October 25, 2022
Timstamps: 4
1. Hollywood, November 11, 12:06 PST Team Year Ten
2. Star City, November 11, 12:31 PST
3. Madinat Altharwati, November 11, 22:33 UTC+2
4. Gotham City, November 11, 15:39 EST
Heroes: The Team (Oracle and Nightwing), The Outsiders (Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Stargirl, Terra, Superboy, Static, Blue Beetle, Windfall, Livewire, Kid Flash, and Forager), and Justice League (Cyborg, Green Arrow, and Black Canary)
Villains: Count Vertigo, Dr. Simon Ecks, Johann Mintz, Piotor Platz, Onslaught (Devastation, Mammoth, Shimmer, and Match), and Metallo
Supporting: Tod Donner, Dr. Serling Roquette, Queen Perdita Vladek, Denny Nielson, Jim Harper, Will Harper, Roy Harper, Harlan Matthews, Paula Crock, Lian-Nguyen Harper, Ray Palmer, and Karen Beecher
Beasts: Wingman
Objects: Lex-Bots, Cosmic Staff, Sphere, Boom Tube, Scarab, and Kryptonite
Places: Earth-16, New York City, GBS Headquarters, Hollywood, The Hub, S.T.A.R. Labs, Markovburg, Star City, Royal Memorial Hospital, Greater Bialya, Madinat Altharwati, and Gotham City
References: "Evocative Intel", "Ominous Tidings", Vlatava, Krastmala, "Sorry Excuse: Memory Two", "Cherry Gig", Lexcorp, Lex Luthor, "Antisocial Pathologies", and Brandon Vietti
Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Christopher Jones
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover Artist: Christopher Jones and Jason Wright, Meghan Hetrick (Variant), and Paul Renaud (Black Adam Variant)
Editor: Ben Meares
Senior Editor: Katie Kubert

Angry Wounds | Memory Four

Timstamps: 1
1. Star City, November 11, 12:31 PST Team Year Ten
Heroes: Green Arrow
Villains: Merlyn and Joe Henchy
Supporting: Lian Nguyen-Harper and Queen Perdita Vladek
Objects: Trick Arrows
Places: Earth-16, Star City, and Royal Memorial Hospital
References: Will Harper, DC Showcase: Green Arrow, Count Vertigo, and "Sorry Excuse: Memory Two"
Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Christopher Jones
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Editor: Ben Meares