Monkey Business | Issue 18

Release Date: July 18, 2012
Timestamps: Eight
1. Belle Reve, September 16, 22:00 CDT
2. Mount Justice, September 16, 22:01 EDT
3. Gotham City, September 22, 07:56 EDT
4. Mount Justice, September 22, 19:02 EDT
5. Nothern India, September 23, 21:37 IST
6. Mount Justice, September 26, 10:00 EDT
7. Bwunda, September 26, 20:11 CAT
8. Gorilla City, September 26, 23:59 CAT
Heroes: The Team (Superboy, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Robin, Artemis, and Kid Flash), Red Tornado, Captain Marvel, and Batman
Villains: Mr. Freeze, Icicle Junior, Red Inferno, Red Torpedo, The Brain, Monsieur Mallah, and Ultra-Humanite
Supporting: Bette Kane, Grodd, and Solovar
Beasts: Mr. Tawny and Wolf
Objects: Proprietary Collar, Bio Ship, Utility Belt, Trick Arrows, Water-Bearers, and Kobra Venom
Places: Earth-16, Mount Justice, Belle Reve Penitentiary, The Cave, Gotham City, Gotham City Academy, Northern India, Bwunda, and Gorilla City
Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Christopher Jones
Colorist: Zac Atkinson
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Cover By: Christopher Jones with Zac Atkinson
Editor: Sarah Gaydos