Hot Case | Issue 10

Release Date: November 16, 2011
Timstamps: Seven
1. Annapolis, August 14, 00:38 EDT
2. Metropolis, August 14, 01:45 EDT
3. Las Vegas, August 14, 00:18 PDT
4. St. George, August 14, 03:26 MDT
5. Mount Justice, August 14, 11:57 EDT
6. Honolulu, August 14, 09:16 HST
7. Washington D.C., August 15, 00:00 EDT
Heroes: The Team (Miss Martian, Superboy, Kid Flash, Robin, Artemis, and Aqualad) and Captain Atom
Villains: Rako, Alec Rois, and Lieutenant Yarrow
Supporting: General Trang, Bibbo Bibbowski, Perry White, Sergeant Polk, General Lemar, Peggy Eiling, Randy Eiling, and General Eiling
Objects: Utility Belt, Water-Bearers, Trick Arrows, and X-Ionized Sword
Places: Earth-16, Annapolis, Metropolis, Bibbo's Diner, Las Vegas, St. George, Mount Justice, The Cave, Honolulu, Washington D.C., and The Pentagon
Written By: Kevin Hopps and Greg Weisman
Pencilled By: Christopher Jones
Inked By Dan Davis
Colored By Zac Atkinson
Lettered By Dezi Sienty
Cover By: Christopher Jones and Carrie Strachan
Assistant Editor: Michael McCalister
Edited By: Jim Chadwick