Bud and Lou

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Real Identity: Bud and Lou
Appearances: The Laughing Cats, Two of a Kind, and The Metal Face of Comedy
Skills: Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

Bud and Lou are a pair or rare albino Laughing Hyenas that were prisoners of the hunter, Kilgore Steed. In return for a pair of endangered Black Siberian Leopards, Steed promised to gift the Joker with the hyenas. The Joker had his own plans and unleashed his Joker Gas on Steed. After being confronted by Batman, Batgirl, and Catwoman, Joker ordered the pair to attack Catwoman. However, Catwoman's feline empathy won them over. From a physiological stand point, the hyenas more resemble cats than dogs.

The Joker managed to steal them when he regrouped in Gotham City. Always eating meat, Bud and Lou seem to be eager to eat one of Joker's henchmen, Marty Slacker, but his usefulness always extends his life. Harley Quinn is the main authority figure in their lives and quickly fall in line when she speaks.