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Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are major players in the episode, the plot revolves around these characters.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting: Secondary Characters that appear, but have smaller parts than starring characters.
Beasts: Non-sentient monsters that appear.
Objects: Alien, Man-made, and natural objects that appear.
Places: Areas visited or occupied.
Written By: Lists which staff members were credited with writing the episode.
Directed By: Lists which staff member was credited for directing the episode.

Season One (2013-2014)

Episode 1: Legendary Sandwich
Wanting to get rid of the other Titans so she can watch her favorite cartoon in peace, Raven sends them to the ends of the universe on a quest for the ingredients to make a legendary magical sandwich with the secret of eternal life.

Episode 2: Pie Bros.
Cyborg's birthday is coming up, so Beast Boy takes a job at their favorite pie shop so he can afford an expensive gift. But when he has to work during Cyborg's party, his job threatens to come between the two pie bros.

Episode 3: Driver's Ed
The Titans get sick and tired of driving Robin around after his license is revoked. He enrolls in a driver's ed course, not knowing that the instructor is a crook using Robin as his getaway driver.

Episode 4: Dog Hand
Raven's demon dad Trigon comes to visit and wins over her friends in an effort to get her to embrace dark magic and become evil like him.

Episode 5: Double Trouble
Cyborg and Beast Boy create clones of themselves to do their chores and the clones create more clones until the situation grows out of control.

Episode 6: The Date
Robin poses as Speedy to sabotage his upcoming date with Starfire

Episode 7: Dude Relax!
Robin's intensity is distracting the team, so they put him on forced hiatus where Beast Boy teaches him how to goof off and relax.

Episode 8: Laundry Day
When the gang bickers over whose turn it is to do chores, things quickly get out of control until their dirty uniforms grow a mind of their own and attack!

Episode 9: Ghost Boy
Starfire mistakenly thinks she's killed Beast Boy, leading him to pose as a ghost and torment her.

Episode 10: La Larva De Amor
The gang agrees to babysit Silkie, but then loses him; meanwhile Silkie has a telenovela adventure south of the border.

Episode 11: Hey Pizza!
Robin struggles with whether to build a senior center or a pool, while Beast Boy and Cyborg try to get a pizza for free.

Episode 12: Gorilla
Beast Boy turns into a loud, obnoxious gorilla and refuses to change back, driving Robin crazy. Gorilla Beast Boy takes over the leadership of the Titans, leading to chaos. Cyborg teaches Robin how to be an alpha make so he can take back his role as leader.

Episode 13: Girl's Night Out
When Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy won't let Starfire and Raven come along on their "Boys Night Out," the girls spring Jinx from prison and the three of them have a wild night of their own.

Episode 14: You're Fired
Beast Boy's poor job performance leads to his being fired from the Titans. After auditioning possible replacements, they hire a pair of shape-shifting twins to take Beast Boy's place.

Episode 15: Super Robin
Robin's wish comes true and he finally gets superpowers, but at what cost?

Episode 16: Tower Power
Cyborg plugs into the control panel of the Titans tower and drives the others crazy.

Episode 17: Parasite
Starfire's new pet is a horribly dangerous parasite, but Robin is the only one who is suspicious of the beast.

Episode 18: Star Liar
Beast Boy teaches Starfire how to lie and it backfires as her lies get more and more outrageous.

Episode 19: Meatball Party
Raven eats a bad meatball that causes tentacles to spring from her teeth and devour the other Titans.

Episode 20: Staff Meeting
Robin's beloved staff is broken by the other Titans, so he goes on a perilous quest to the ancient Universe Tree to find a new magic staff to replace it.

Episode 21: Terra-ized
Beast Boy thinks the villainess Terra is his new girlfriend, but she is just using him to gain access to all of the Titans' secrets. Only Raven suspects her, but the others all think this is just because she's jealous.

Episode 22: Artful Dodgers
The Titans confidently expect to win an upcoming dodge ball championship, even though the only thing they ever practice is their victory dance. Then they come up against an unbeatable dodge ball team - the H.I.V.E.

Episode 23: Burger vs. Burrito
Cyborg and Beast Boy are in perfect sync, except when it comes to their taste in food. What's the best food ever created, burgers or burritos? The two friends have an all-out competition to settle things once and for all.

Episode 24: Matched
When a computer dating program matches Beast Boy to Raven, he tries wooing her to disastrous effect.

Episode 25: Colors of Raven
A magical prism causes Raven to fragment into five distinct personalities which wreak havoc around town until the other Titans can figure out how to rejoin her.

Episode 26: The Left Leg
When the gang bands together to form a giant robot, Robin is relegated to the left leg - but he makes the left leg count!

Episode 27: Books
The Titans discover the wonders of reading, but after opening a book that brings their thoughts to life, they must fight their own imaginations!

Episode 28: Lazy Sunday
When the Titans replace the couch with a treadmill, Cyborg and Beast Boy must get guidance from the couch spirit.

Episode 29: Starfire The Terrible
When Robin needs an archenemy, Starfire generously offers to fill the role and she exceeds expectations.

Episode 30: Power Moves
When Robin starts doing power moves with Cyborg, Beast Boy gets very jealous.

Episode 31: Staring at the Future
Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts 30 years, bringing them face to face with a future of adulthood and responsibility... and they hate it.

Episode 32: No Power
Feeling the other Titans depend too much on their super powers, Robin challenges them to go 24 hours without using their powers. To his distress, they all succeed, leading him to question his own value to the team.

Episode 33: Sidekick
Robin gets called back to The Batcave but only as a house-sitter while Batman's away. The other Titans show up and tease Robin about his sidekick status.

Episode 34: Caged Tiger
Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return from a Bro-cation closer than ever but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Dr. Light. Teen Titans Bro!

Episode 35: Second Christmas
Upset that Christmas is over, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy trick Starfire into believing that there is such a thing as "second Christmas" with a "second Santa."

Episode 36: Nose Mouth
The Titans overuse Raven's dark magic, causing unintended consequences.

Episode 37: Legs
After Robin swipes her cloak, Raven's leggy figure is revealed and she transforms into Lady Legasus; meanwhile Cyborg gets stuck in the discarded cloak, revealing a dark side of his personality.

Episode 38: Breakfast Cheese
Starfire convinces the reluctant Titans to try defeating their enemies with compassion rather than violence.

Episode 39: Waffles
Cyborg and Beast Boy show their love of waffles by making it the only word they say, much to the annoyance of the other Titans. Maybe Brother Blood can make them stop, with the help of his new henchman, Pain Bot.

Episode 40: Be Mine
Beast Boy invites Terra to the Titans' Valentine's Day dance and she accepts in order to destroy all of the Titans and exact revenge on Beast Boy.

Episode 41: Opposites
Cyborg has a star-crossed crush on Jinx, the cutest member of The Hive.

Episode 42: Birds
Robin tries to destroy some pesky mocking birds but they come back bigger, stronger, and ready to mock.

Episode 43: Brain Power
Beast Boy is tired of being the least intelligent of the Titans. When all of his efforts to get smart fail, he uses Raven's spell book to cast a spell - not to make himself smarter, but to make all of the other Titans dumber.

Episode 44: In and Out
Robin infiltrates the H.I.V.E. Tower to destroy it, but instead he is distracted by its awesomeness!

Episode 45: Little Buddies
Cyborg wants Pain Bot to be his "little buddy" but is the destructive robot too dangerous to be a sidekick?

Episode 46: Missing
Killer Moth offers a reward for Silkie's return, but will Silkie be happier away from the Titans?

Episode 47: Uncle Jokes
Beast Boy and Cyborg invite Starfire to join in their fun as long as she avoids dreaded uncle jokes.

Episode 48: Mas Y Menos
Robin tries to teach his superhero ways to Spanish speaking brothers Mas y Menos.

Episode 49: Dreams
A glimpse inside each Titan's dream world.

Episode 50: Grandma Voice
Possesed by a "Grandma Voice," Cyborg initially endears the other Titans but then he annoys them so much that they vow to get the real Cyborg back.

Episode 51: Real Magic
Robin dabbles with magic, ignoring Raven's warning that he will anger the magic god.

Episode 52: Puppets Whaaaaat?
When Robin gets frustrated with the Titans' disobedience he turns them to... puppets.

Season Two (2014-2015)

Episode 53: Mr. Butt
After Starfire is setup by Blackfire and sent to prison, the Titans work to make Blackfire a better sister while Starfire plots her revenge.

Episode 54: Man Person
Despite the Titans protests, Beast Boy becomes convinced that replacing his body parts with robotic limbs makes him more manly.

Episode 55: Pirates
When Aqualad and Raven fall for each other, Beast Boy fights this match - with intensity.

Episode 56: Money Grandma
When Robin starts a smear campaign against all of the other Titans so that he can be relected Team Leader, Raven uses a time machine to bring a great leader from the past to teach Robin how to lead.

Episode 57: I See You
Robin brings Starfire on a fake stakeout in an attempt to get a kiss, while Cyborg and Beast Boy hold their own stakeout to discover Raven's dark secret.

Episode 58: Brian
When The Brain captures the Titans to fuel Project B.R.I.A.N., the Titan's littles buddies are the only heroes who can save them.

Episode 59: Nature
In order to get his powers back, Beast Boy returns to nature and finds it much harsher than he expects.

Episode 60: Salty Codgers
Raven is delighted when the other Titans are magically turned into old people during a battle.

Episode 61: Knowledge
Starfire wants to learn more, but will knowledge make her a bummer?

Episode 62: Slumber Party
When the Titans find out that Cyborg is afraid of the dark, they have a slumber party to help him face his fears.

Episode 63: Love Monsters
Raven warns the other Titans not to go near a box containing the Twin Destroyers of Azarath. Starfire can't help it and opens the box, giving hugs and snuggles to the two tiny, adorable Destroyers... but love only makes the Destroyers stronger.

Episode 64: Baby Hands
Brother Blood zaps Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy with a device that erases their memories of being a Teen Titan, which gives Robin exactly what he wants: a chance to retrain the team his way.

Episode 65: Caramel Apples
Trigon arrives to wreck the Earth, but only because his daughter Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day. Starfire misses the fatherly relationship, so she starts spending time with Trigon.

Episode 66: Sandwich Thief
Someone has stolen Robin's perfect sandwich, and he's on the hunt to find it.

Episode 67: Friendship
Control Freak zaps the Titans into the latest episode of Pretty, Pretty Pegasus, and the team has to figure out how to help the creatures in order to get home.

Episode 68: Vegetables
The Titans try vegetarianism, but learn that not everyone is cut out for that lifestyle.

Episode 69: The Mask
Robin's mask doesn't just conceal his secret identity, it hides a terrible secret!

Episode 70: Serious Business
The Titans learn the hard way what a bathroom is really for.

Episode 71: Halloween
Raven tries to put the spirit of Halloween back in Halloween.

Episode 72: Boys vs Girls
The male Titans and the female Titans compete against each other to prove once and for all who is better - boys or girls.

Episode 73: Body Adventure
When Cyborg is sick, Robin insists on shrinking to cell-size to fight Cyborg's infection himself.

Episode 74: Road Trip
Cyborg fixes up the T-car so he can take the team on a ...ROAD TRIP!

Episode 75: Thanksgiving
It should come as no surprise that the Teen Titans love a holiday heavily involving food, and Robin takes Thanksgiving VERY seriously. He has planned the menu and table setting down to the tiniest detail, all in anticipation for a special guest he's anxious to impress. But when Raven's father, Trigon, crashes the festive dinner, Robin's seating chart isn't the only thing that gets ruined.

Episode 76: The Best Robin
When the other Titans are too lazy to fight Brother Blood, Robin calls on his secondary team: Team Robin, a crime-fighting group made up of different Robins.

Episode 77: Mouth Hole
Robin goes on a quest to gain a new power: whistling.

Episode 78: Hot Garbage
When the Titans try to get Beast Boy to clean his dirty room, they discover that there's more to garbage that just trash.

Episode 79: Robin Backwards
Nibor, the Bizzaro World's Robin, arrives in Jump City, and the Titans decide they should probably keep an eye on him.

Episode 80: Crazy Day
It's Crazy Day again and Raven must do her best to avoid being driven completely crazy by the other Titans.

Episode 81: Smile Bones
Beast Boy and Cyborg try to get the other Titans to eat without chewing.

Episode 82: Real Boy Adventures
When he transforms into "Fleshy Guy," Cyborg discovers the joy and pain of being human.

Episode 83: Hose Water
When Cyborg and Starfire find a baby bird, it awakens their inner child.

Episode 84: Let's Get Serious
After Young Justice easily takes out the HIVE while the other Titans make silly jokes, Robin decides the team needs to get serious.

Episode 85: Tamaranian Vacation
Hoping to find out what makes Starfire so sweet and loving, the Titans visit her home world of Tamaran.

Episode 86: Rocks and Water
Raven and Beast Boy are surprised to discover that their exes, Terra and Aqualad, are dating each other.

Episode 87: Multiple Trick Pony
Kid Flash wants to join the Titans, but Robin insists that he can't because Flash is just a "one-trick pony."

Episode 88: Truth, Justice and What?
We finally learn the true source of the Titans' goofy humor: pizza!

Episode 89: Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp
Robin tries to teach the Titans about finances.

Episode 90: Oil Drums
Cyborg wants to have an '80s TV show marathon, but the remote is missing.

Episode 91: Video Game References
Robin sets up a virtual reality room for training purposes, immersing each Titan in their own video game adventure.

Episode 92: Cool School
When Raven chooses to hang out with Rose Wilson, a cool escaped criminal, the other Titans feel left out. To feel "less lame," they decide to go to Cool School.

Episode 93: Kicking a Ball & Pretending to Be Hurt
Robin teaches the Titans how to play soccer. They quickly become obsessed, and accidentally uncover the secret reason why the sport is so popular.

Episode 94: Head Fruit
When Beast Boy's head starts to rattle, Robin suggests that he should find a hobby so that his brain will stop shrinking. Beast Boy and his brain agree to take up gardening.

Episode 95: Yearbook Madness
Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to make a yearbook for the Titans.

Episode 96: Beast Man
Beast Boy discovers he can transform into an adult man.

Episode 97: Operation Tin Man
Gizmo convinces the Titans he's kidnapped Cyborg, when in reality Cyborg's just hanging out in the HIVE tower with his girl Jinx. When Gizmo gets annoyed by Cyborg's constant presence, the two start a prank war.

Episode 98: Nean
Raven is cursed to be nice; meanwhile, Starfire is about to marry a pot of chili.

Episode 99: Campfire Stories
The Titans are having a terrible time on their camping trip, so Robin suggests that they each tell a scary campfire story.

Episode 100: And The Award For Sound Design Goes To Rob
Raven just wants some peace and quiet for once, and accidentally makes a magical deal that eliminates all sounds.

Episode 101: The Hive Five
Tired of the Titans, The Hive agrees to take a day off and avoid engaging with their foes -- if possible.

Episode 102: The Return of Slade
Beast Boy and Cyborg insist on hiring a clown for a Titans party, even though Robin tells them that clowns are for little kids. When the clown fails to live up to their memories, Cyborg and Beast Boy decide to give the clown some cool updates.

Episode 103: More of the Same
Can the Titans master the four New Year's traditions in order to break the cycle of bad years?

Episode 104: Some of Their Parts
Robin uses a prism to split each Titan into the five facets of their personalities so he can choose only the best parts for his ideal crime fighting team.

Season Three (2015-2016)

Episode 105: A Cat's Fancy
Robin decides to become a cat so that Starfire will finally love him.

Episode 106: Leg Day
After being defeated due to poor leg strength, Raven and the Titans work out their lower bodies and become the League of Legs.

Episode 107: Dignity of Teeth
When Beast Boy gets a stack of cash from the Tooth Fairy, against Raven's advice the other Titans start knocking out their own teeth to get some of that sweet Tooth Fairy money.

Episode 108: Croissant
A giant cocoon mysteriously appears in the Titans' living room, and no one can find Beast Boy.

Episode 109: Spice Game
Tired of Robin's bland cooking, the other Titans try their hand at spicing up their food.

Episode 110: I'm the Sauce
Stuck inside because of bad weather, the Titans play rainy day games after Robin convinces them that indoor activites will cheer up the clouds and make the rain stop.

Episode 111: Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory
Robin convinces the Titans to go back to school with him so he can finally become the all-American class president-type he's dreamed of being.

Episode 112: Accept the Next Proposition You Hear
Robin refuses to give the Titans any more orders so that they'll learn to think for themselves. Instead, the Titans start taking their cues from fortune cookies.

Episode 113: The Fourth Wall
Control Freak informs the Titans that they are on a TV show he created and demands they earn him an award.

Episode 114: 40%, 40%, 20%
Cyborg's real strength comes not from his robot parts, but from his favorite song.

Episode 115: Grube's Fairytales
Robin tries to teach The Titans valuable life lessons by reading them fairytales, but the others co-opt his stories and spin them into their own twisted yarns.

Episode 116: A Farce
Brother Blood takes the Titans to trial for their recent destruction of Jump City.

Episode 117: Scary Figure Dance
The Titans' Halloween party is interrupted by the Hive Five robbing a candy factory.

Episode 118: Animals: It's Just a Word!
After the other Titans are injured, Beast Boy donates his blood to save them.

Episode 119: BBBDay!
It's Beast Boy's birthday! But will the other Titans remember?

Episode 120: Black Friday
Starfire is visited by three ghosts and shown the true meaning of Black Friday.

Episode 121: Two Parter: Part One
The Titans visit the Hall of Justice to use the pool, but then decide to check out the inside.

Episode 122: Two Parter: Part Two
The Titans must save the members of the Justice League from the clutches of the supervillain Darkseid.

Episode 123: The True Meaning of Christmas
Fed up with never getting presents from Santa, the Titans head to the North Pole to take themselves off the Naughty List by any means necessary.

Episode 124: Squash & Stretch
The Titans learn about cartoon-style violence in order to get revenge on a snack-stealing squirrel.

Episode 125: Garage Sale
Robin makes the other Titans sell their treasured mementos from past episodes.

Episode 126: Secret Garden
When Cyborg starts to rage out, Starfire takes him to her secret garden in the backyard to relax.

Episode 127: The Cruel Giggling Ghoul
The Titans go to watch LeBron James at the Wacka Doodles Amusement Park, but find no one is there.

Episode 128: How 'Bout Some Effort
It's Valentine's Day and Cyborg goes to great lengths to make it special for his girlfriend Jinx.

Episode 129: Pyramid Scheme
Beast Boy makes lots of money due to a pyramid scheme and convinces the other Titans to join in.

Episode 130: Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad
The Titans become cursed on St. Patrick's Day, with the exception of Beast Boy, and must retrieve the cure from the end of the rainbow.

Episode 131: The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic
The Easter Bunny is missing, and it's up to the Titans to find him before Easter is ruined.

Episode 132: Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice
The Titans try to outprank each other on April Fools' Day.

Episode 133: Bottle Episode
The Titans are feeling the bottle life but Robin isn't having it.

Episode 134: Finally a Lesson
The gang learn a valuable lesson from Robin.

Episode 135: Arms Race with Legs
Lady Legasus battles the League of Legs after her teammates turn evil.

Episode 136: Obinray
The Titans speak Pig Latin to keep Robin from eavesdropping.

Episode 137: Wally T
The gang meet their biggest fan.

Episode 138: Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes
Robin meets cool dudes on rollerblades and tries to emulate them.

Episode 139: Operation Dude Rescue Part One
The male Titans are captured and Starfire and Raven try to rescue them.

Episode 140: Operation Dude Rescue Part Two
The female heroes unite to rescue the guys from The Brain.

Episode 141: History Lesson
Robin tries to teach history lessons, but the gang put their own spin on his stories

Episode 142: The Art of Ninjutsu
The gang train Beast Boy to be a ninja.

Episode 143: Think About Your Future
The gang become reckless with their money and health.

Crossover Special: TTG v PPG
Mojo Jojo shows up in Jump City, and the Powerpuff Girls and the Teen Titans must take him down.

Island Adventures

Episode 144: Coconut Cream Pie
The Titans are shipwrecked on a desert island and must use the island's resources to survive.

Episode 145: Pure Protein
Still shipwrecked on a desert island, the Titans first hold a team competition but then must avoid an Alien hunter.

Episode 146: Open Door Policy
Still shipwrecked on a desert island, the Titans try to find food but stumble upon dinosaurs instead.

Episode 147: Crazy Desire Island
Still shipwrecked on a desert island, Robin grants the other Titans their crazy desires.

Episode 148: The Titans Show
The Titans try to get off the desert island but soon realize everything is not as it seems.

Episode 149: Booty Scooty
In order to save Titans Tower from some wealthy land developers, the Titans search for pirate treasure.

Episode 150: Who's Laughing Now
Beast Boy searches for his spirit animal and joins a group of bears.

Episode 151: Oregon Trail
The group gets into the pioneer spirit on their journey west

Episode 152: Snuggle Time
When yet another crime alert interrupts their relaxation, the Titans decide to become villains and do whatever they want.

Episode 153: Oh Yeah!
Cyborg tells the other Titans that TV wrestling is fake and tries to teach them about real wrestling.

Episode 154: Riding the Dragon
While playing a fantasy adventure game, the Titans are transported inside and must find the key to return home.

Episode 155: The Overbite
Raven teaches the other Titans how to dance properly but soon they are captured by the Dance Demon.

Episode 156: The Cape
Robin and Cyborg argue about the importance of capes.

Season Four (2016-2018)

Episode 157: Shrimps and Prime Rib
The Titans try to remember how to be superheroes in order to stop The Brain.

Episode 158: Halloween v Christmas
When Santa tries to take over Halloween, it's up to the Titans and a few ghouls to stop him.

Episode 159: Booby Trap House
After being left alone at home, Cyborg and Starfire booby trap the tower for safety.

Episode 160: Fish Water
Starfire wins a goldfish at the carnival and vows to keep it alive.

Episode 161: TV Knight
Batman and Commissioner Gordon check in on various happenings around Jump City.

Episode 162: Teen Titans Save Christmas
When Santa decides to quit, the Titans pitch in to save Christmas.

Episode 163: BBSFBDAY
Beast Boy agrees to share his birthday with Starfire after learning she's never had one on Earth.

Episode 164: The Streak: Pt 1
It's Crime Season and Robin is determined to continue his streak of stopping 52 crimes every year.

Episode 165: The Streak: Pt 2
Robin's streak of stopping 52 crimes every year is in jeopardy when members of his team are poached by Kid Flash.

Episode 166: The Inner Beauty of a Cactus
The Titans play Spin The Bottle as Starfire tries to improve her vocabulary through kissing.

Episode 167: Movie Night
The Titans have a hard time deciding who gets to choose which movie they watch on movie night.

Episode 168: BBRAE: Pt 1
Beast Boy writes a song to tell Raven how he feels about her.

Episode 169: BBRAE: Pt 2
Beast Boy goes on tour with his song, but this upsets Raven.

Episode 170 Permanent Record
It's back to school as the Titans teach each other about science and grammar.

Episode 171: Titan Saving Time
The Titans are determined to find out what happened to the missing 2'oclock hour during Daylight Saving Time.

Episode 172: The Gold Standard
It's St. Patrick's Day and after wishing to become a leprechaun, Beast Boy becomes obsessed with gold.

Episode 173: Master Detective
Robin uses his skills as a master detective to discover what happened to the animals that live outside Titans Tower.

Episode 174: Easter Creeps
It's Easter and the Tooth Fairy is trying to take over the holiday.

Episode 175: Hand Zombie
After Starfire kisses his hand, Robin vows to never wash it again.

Episode 176: Employee of the Month: Redux
While the other Titans are trying to stop a cow-stealing UFO, Beast Boy gets a job to buy a moped.

Episode 177: The Avogodo
It's Cinco de Mayo and Robin learns that avocados are a super food that give you super powers.

Episode 178: Orangins
The Titans tell their slightly inaccurate origin stories.

Episode 179: Jinxed
Robin ignores the rules for a game of jinx and ends up losing his voice.

Episode 180: Brain Percentages
Beast Boy starts using more than 10% of his brain in an effort to find the hidden images in a puzzle.

Episode 181: BL4Z3
The Titans become hackers to stop a gang of computer pirates.

Episode 182: Hot Salad Water
When drinking tea turns the other Titans English, it's up to Robin to save America from another British invasion.

The Day The Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it was the Day
When Cyborg becomes trapped in an alternate reality of his favorite song, "The Night Begins to Shine," he's forced to battle a dragon who wants to steal the song for his own evil purposes. Unable to rescue Cyborg on their own, the Titans must enlist the help of pop music stars Fall Out Boy and Cee Lo Green to help rescue Cyborg and defeat the dragon.

Episode 183: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance
Cyborg becomes trapped in the alternate reality of Night Begins to Shine with a dragon who wants to steal the song for his own evil purposes.

Episode 184: Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes
Without Cyborg, Beast Boy feels lost and sets out to find himself, but ends up meeting a music legend.

Episode 185: Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get
The Titans return to the alternate reality to save Cyborg but will they be able to defeat the Dragon?

Episode 186: Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine
In a final epic battle, the Titans and their musician friends square off against the Dragon for control of The Night Begins to Shine.

Episode 187: Lication
Robin introduces the other Titans to a money-making application but they soon learn the dangers of a shareconomy.

Episode 188: Labor Day
Robin uses Labor Day as an opportunity to teach the other Titans about the importance of labor.

Episode 189: Classic Titans
Control Freak attempts to prove his point about classic superhero cartoons by sending the Titans to a former version of "Teen Titans Go!"

Episode 190: Ones and Zeroes
The Titans build an AI robot so it will create a pizza that's never been made before.

Episode 191: Career Day
Robin forces the other Titans to forget their dreams and find regular, boring jobs.

Episode 192: TV Knight 2
Batman and Commissioner Gordon have a slumber party and watch their favorite TV shows.

Episode 193: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1

Episode 194: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2
The Justice League holds a talent competition to find a superhero worthy of joining the team and Robin tries everything to win.

Episode 195: The Academy
Robin creates the Teen Titans Awards in an effort to get his teammates to clean up the Tower.

Episode 196: Costume Contest
Tired of losing to the Hive Five every year, the Titans hatch a scheme to win the costume contest.

Episode 197: Throne of Bones
When the other Titans start listening to heavy metal music, Robin warns them of the dangers.

Episode 198: Demon Prom
When Trigon forces Raven to attend her prom, she brings the rest of the Titans along with her to upset him.

Episode 199: Thanksgetting
Tired of the normal traditions, the Titans decide to create their own for Thanksgiving.

Episode 200: The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Part 1
When their world starts disappearing, the Titans must confront their creators.

Episode 201: The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Part 2
The Titans learn how difficult it is to make a cartoon when they try to animate Michael and Aaron.

Holiday Special: Titans vs Santa
Special festive collection of Teen Titans Go! hilarious holidays specials.

Beast Boy and Cyborg celebrate the birthday of their friendship!

Episode 203: Beast Girl
As the Titans deal with Madame Rouge, Beast Boy is excited to meet his counterpart.

Episode 204: Flashback: Pt 1
A flashback reveals how Robin formed the Teen Titans.

Episode 205: Flashback: Pt 2
A flashback reveals how Robin changed from mild-mannered sidekick to quick-tempered leader.

Episode 206: Bro-Pocalypse
When the male Titans are injured, Raven and Starfire must become bros to stop the Bropocalypse.

Episode 207: Mo' Money Mo' Problems
The Titans make Robin give them a tour of Wayne Manor and discover how fun it is to be rich.

Episode 208: TV Knight 3
Batman is more interested in watching TV than participating in his birthday party.

Season Five (2018-2020)

Episode 209: The Scoop!
The Titans find it odd when Starfire becomes friends with an ice cream scoop.

Episode 210: Chicken In The Cradle
Beast Boy neglects his responsibilities, leaving the other Titans to raise his baby chick.

Episode 211: Kabooms Pt: 1
The Titans are excited to see the movie version of their favorite show "Babies vs Dogs".

Episode 212: Kabooms Pt: 2
Inspired by the "Babies vs Dogs" movie, the Titans decide to make a big Hollywood film of their own.

Episode 213: Tower Renovation
What happens to the Titans after TEEN TITANS GO! To the Movies

Episode 214: My Name is Jose
The Titans have Raven give them new super powers but have a hard time adjusting.

Episode 215: The Power of Shrimps
Aqualad uses shrimps and prime rib to try to win back Raven.

Crossover Special: Crossover Nexus
When KO finds himself trapped inside an mysterious place, he encounters other Cartoon Network Heroes and they band together to escape.

Episode 216: Monster Squad
The Titans want to be the scariest trick-or-treaters in town, so Raven casts a spell to turn them into real monsters.

Episode 217: Real Orangins
Robin tries again to tell the real origin story of the Teen Titans.

Episode 218: Quantum Fun
Robin takes the other Titans on a trip through the dizzying world of quantum physics.

Episode 219: The Fight
Robin tries to teach the other Titans about real estate, but they're only interested in finding a villain to fight.

Episode 220: The Groover
Robin takes the Titans on an educational trip to the Grand Canyon.

Episode 221: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1

Episode 222: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2
The Justice League holds another talent competition to find the second best superhero team in the world. The competition heats up and the Titans must find a way to beat the Hive Five.

Episode 223: How's This For a Special? Spaaaace Pt. 1

Episode 224: How's This For a Special? Spaaaace Pt. 2
After receiving a galactic crime alert the Titans take off for an epic space adventure. The Titans have to stop Darkseid's latest scheme but the excitement of the space adventure might be too much for Robin to handle.

Episode 225: BBRBDAY
When he isn't invited to Beast Boy's birthday party, Robin throws his own party with special guest Bob Uecker.

Episode 226: Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason
When the Big Game is threatened, the Titans must infiltrate the football stadium and stop the attack

Episode 227: Nostalgia is Not a Substitute For An Actual Story
The Titans time travel back to the 1980s to determine whether or not it was the best decade ever.

Episode 228: Business Ethics Wink Wink
Starfire dreams of becoming a successful business alien princess and joins a cookie-selling organization to learn the proper skills.

Episode 229: Genie President
Robin hatches a plan to get rich off pennies, but Starfire believes they are magical.

Episode 230: Tall Titan Tales
Robin tries to tell some tall tales but the other Titans give their own fractured versions instead.

Episode 231: I Used To Be A Peoples
Robin feels the other Titans are spending too much time together so he encourages them to spend some time alone.

Episode 232: The Metric System Vs Freedom
Robin teaches the other Titans about the difference between the Imperial System and the Metric System.

Episode 233: The Chaff
In an effort to get Teen Titan Go! canceled, Control Freak shows off some deleted scenes.

Episode 234: Them Soviet Boys
In order to quickly get through their chores and karate lessons, the Titans learn how to montage.

Episode 235: Little Elvis
The Titans team up with Shazam in order to defeat the evil Mr. Mind.

Episode 236: Booty Eggs
Not wanting to be creeped out on Easter the Titans dispatch the Easter Bunny and take matters into their own hands.

Episode 237: TV Knight 4
Batman and Commissioner Gordon go camping but instead of fun outdoor activities they'd rather watch TV.

Episode 238: Lil' Dimples
Thinking it's a way to reconnect with her father, Raven enters a beauty pageant.

Episode 239: Don't Be An Icarus
Robin tries to tell some Greek myths but the other Titans give their own fractured versions instead.

Episode 240: Stockton, CA!
The Titans must find a way to keep all the Jump City residents from moving to Stockton.

Episode 241: What's Opera Titans
Robin surprises the Titans with a trip to the opera but they soon fall asleep, and all dream about starring in their own operas.

Episode 242: Forest Pirates
The Titans are at Super Hero Summer Camp for the week and they may need to add another teammate to win the big canoe race.

Episode 243: The Bergerac
The Titans give Robin advice to guide him through his camp romance with Wonder Girl.

Episode 244: Snot and Tears
Robin tells the Titans to stop being reckless teens or the Creepy Catcher will get them.

Episode 245: Campfire!
The Titans put on a show but Robin warns that the performance must be boring or else they'll wake up the wolves.

Episode 246: What We Learned At Camp
After not receiving participation medals, the Titans must demonstrate what they learned at camp.

Episode 247: Communicate Openly
Bumblebee becomes the sixth Titan and moves into the Tower but has a hard time adjusting.

Episode 248: Royal Jelly
Bumblebee offers to help Robin with his leadership skills by teaching him how to act like a queen bee.

Episode 249: Strength of a Grown Man
Needing a hero with shrinking powers, but forgetting about Bumblebee, Robin invites The Atom to join their fight against the Brain.

Episode 250: Had To Be There
So she isn't left out of inside jokes, the Titans time travel to past adventures and insert Bumblebee into their memories.

Episode 251: Girls Night In Pt. 1
The Girls Night Out Crew decide to stay in and have a slumber party but an unknown alien threat descends on Jump City.

Episode 252: Girls Night In Pt. 2
When Blackfire begins her plan to conquer Earth, the girls must pull out all the stops to defeat her.

Episode 253: The Great Disaster
Robin gets amnesia and starts thinking that Hawkman is his mother.

Episode 254: The Viewers Decide
It's Titans West vs Titans East as the two teams compete for who gets Bumblebee.

Episode 255: Cartoon Feud
Control Freak forces the Titans and the Scooby Gang to compete on Family Feud.

Episode 256: Curse of the Booty Scooty
When Robin "Booty Scooty's" his booty off, the Titans must go on an adventure to recover it.

Episode 257: Collect Them All!
After the other Titans are turned into collectibles and disappear, Robin must search yard sales and stores to find them.

Episode 258: Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 1
In an episode of "Turbo Titans Go Force," the Titans gain the ability to transform into cars.

Episode 259: Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 2
In the exciting conclusion of "Turbo Titans Go Force," the Titans must learn to work together to stop Dr. Military.

Episode 260: Teen Titans Roar!
The Titans are outraged when their favorite cartoon is rebooted so they come up with a plan to get this new show off the air.

Season Six (2019-2021)

Episode 261: Butt Atoms
Despite Robin's warning, the Titans mess around with atomic toots and end up causing a worldwide plague.

Episode 262: TV Knight 5
Batman pretends to be sick to avoid work so he and Commissioner Gordon can run around town watching their favorite shows.

Episode 263: Witches Brew
The Titans throw a Halloween party and invite the Justice League but the witches brew Robin creates has side effects.

Episode 264: Beast Boy's That's What's Up
Beast Boy goes to visit the Doom Patrol.

Episode 265: Crab Shenanigans
Beast Boy, Negative Girl, and Robotman discover some crabs are up to no good.

Episode 266: Brobots
Cyborg becomes inseparable from Robotman.

Episode 267: Brain Flip
It's time for Beast Boy to leave, but the Doom Patrol try to get him to stay.

Episode 268: Beast Boy On A Shelf
Santa Claus forces Beast Boy to become a spy and report on the Titans' naughty behavior.

Episode 269: Christmas Crusaders
Santa Claus and Robin must stop the nefarious Coal Miner.

Episode 270: We're Off To Get Awards
During an awards ceremony, Robin is swept up by a tornado and arrives in a magical land.

Episode 271: Bat Scouts
To reach the highest rank in the Bat Scouts, Robin teaches the other Titans important vigilante skills.

Episode 272: Walk Away
After the T-Car is destroyed in a fight, the Titans go to a used car lot to find another vehicle.

Episode 273: Record Book
Starfire wants a world record, so she decides to grow her fingernails.

Episode 274: Magic Man
In a quest to become a magic man, Beast Boy accidentally destroys Raven's spell book, so they must find another.

Episode 275: Titans Go Casual
The Superhero Board of Authority institutes a dress code, which leads the Titans to introduce Casual Tuesday.

Episode 276: Rain on Your Wedding Day
While facing off with The Brain, Robin tries to teach the other Titans the proper definition of irony.

Episode 277: Egg Hunt
Robin still regrets not being able to find an Easter egg when he was a kid, so the Titans head to Gotham to solve this mystery.

Episode 278: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 1

Episode 279: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 2
The Justice League holds yet another talent competition, only this time they're facing off against the Titans. In order to be the most talented superhero team in the DC universe, Robin and Beast Boy must work together on a jazz performance.

The Night Begins To Shine

Episode 280: Chapter One: Mission To Find The Lost Stems
The elderly Titans decide to take one last trip to the world of Night Begins to Shine only to encounter a new villian ruling the land, Ultralak.

Episode 281: Chapter Two: Drums
In order to stop Ultralak, the Titans must find three music stems, but will need help from a local Miner to get the first stem away from the Sheriff.

Episode 282: Chapter Three: Guitar
The Titans are horrified to learn that songs are being melted down and polluting the landscape.

Episode 283: Chapter Four: Bass
To retrieve the final stem, the Titans must conquer a virtual world full of increasingly harder obstacles.

Episode 284: Chapter Five: You're The One
The Titans use the stems to summon BER, but will it be enough to stop Ultralak?

Episode 285: Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 1
The Titans fly to Los Angeles but end up in San Pedro, where Berto tells them about the villainous long shoreman, Carl Sanpedro.

Episode 286: Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 2
Carl Sanpedro has struck again, this time in Jamaica, so the Titans take off for the Caribbean.

Episode 287: Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 3
The Titans travel to India to stop Carl Sanpedro and learn about the sport of cricket.

Episode 288: Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 4
In the final epic showdown with Carl Sanpedro, the Titans head to Croatia, the home of dragons and ice zombies.

Episode 289: Ghost With The Most
When the Halloween Spirit is kidnapped, the Titans must team with Beetlejuice to save the holiday

Episode 290: Bucket List
The Titans give Starfire a bucket list of activities to accomplish

Episode 291: TV Knight 6
Batman is forced to go to the department store with Alfred, but runs off to watch TV with Commissioner Gordon.

Episode 292: Kryptonite
When Robin explains that knowing your weakness makes you a better superhero, Starfire journeys to find hers

Episode 293: Thumb War
As the other Titans engage in an all-out thumb wrestling war, Starfire tries to broker peace.

Episode 294: Toddler Titans...Yay!
Control Freak thinks the Titans' humor is too juvenile for their time-slot, so he ages them down to a preschool show.

Episode 295: Huggbees
The Brain teams up with The Lobe, so the Titans enlist the help of Freakazoid to stop them.

Episode 296: Baby Mouth
In order to find out about his family history, Robin takes a DNA test and discovers he's from Babylon.

Episode 297: The Cast
After breaking his leg, Robin is confined to his room and spies through a telescope.

Episode 298: Superhero Feud
Control Freak pits the Titans against the DC Superhero Girls to determine who is the best team in the universe.
Note: By production order, this is the 300th episode.

Episode 299: Lucky Stars
Raven explains astrology to the Titans and tells their horoscopes, but Cyborg does not believe.

Episode 300: Various Modes of Transportation
With the other Titans away, Cyborg is forced to take a road trip with Robin.

Episode 301: Cool Uncles
The Titans take a trip to Wackadoodles, but Trigon makes Raven babysit her little brothers.

Episode 302: Butter Wall
When Beast Boy declares the Earth is a pancake, the Titans set sail to find out.

Episode 303: BBRAEBDAY
Raven's demon side has the same birthday as Beast Boy, so the Titans go to Azarath to celebrate her Sinister Sixteen.

Episode 304: Don't Press Play
The Titans must help De La Soul save their music after it is stolen by an alien.

Episode 305: Real Art
After Starfire buys an ugly painting, the Titans take her to the museum so she can experience real art.

Episode 306: Just a Little Patience...Yeah...Yeah
Robin tries to teach the other Titans to have patience.

Episode 307: Villains in a Van Getting Gelato
Four of the Titans' greatest villains reminisce about past incidents and recall how the Titans wronged them.

Episode 308: I Am Chair
During a stressful trip to the mall, Robin finds peace in a massage chair.

Episode 309: Bumgorf
When the Titans realize they have not seen Silkie for a long time, they take turns guessing what happened to him.

Episode 310: The Mug
Robin dreams of receiving a #1 Dad mug so Raven magically turns them into a sitcom family.

Episode 311: HaFo SaFo
The Titans travel to the hipster neighborhood of Silver Lake, California to help solve a mystery.

Episode 312: Zimdings
When Robin selects the last font on the list for his presentation, it sets off the typocalypse.

Season Seven (2021-2022)

Episode 313: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1
It's time for another Justice League talent competition and Vibe is joining the judges' panel to critique the moves of the DC universe dance crews.
Note: By airdate and counting "TTG v PPG," this is the 300th episode.

Episode 314: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 2
Robin is left without a dance crew so Vibe gives him lessons on how to be a world class break-dancer and team player.

Episode 315: Feed Me
The Titans release a small marshmallow ducky that the Easter Bunny had locked up, not knowing the danger they have unleashed.

Episode 316: Pig in a Poke
The Titans are worried when Starfire says she has sent all of her money to a prince online, especially when it could be the clown prince himself.

Episode 317: P.P.
While stopping a museum theft, the Titans encounter the P.P. Goblin, who uses the Titans' pet peeves against them.

Episode 318: A Little Help Please
When they receive a distress call from the show's animators and artists, the Titans must tone down their actions and avoid big adventures.

Episode 319: Marv Wolfman & George Perez
Marv Wolfman and George Perez must pitch an idea for the new Teen Titans in 24 hours, so they brainstorm different concepts for the team.

Episode 320: Space House - Part 1
The Titans set off on an adventure in space, only to find out they'll be sharing their space house with the DC Superhero Girls. The two teams must then discover what goes bump in the night.

Episode 321: Space House - Part 2
After Beast Boy steals the power ring and jumps into Zatanna's hat, Green Lantern must deal with being powerless as she and her friends give chase.

Episode 322: Space House - Part 3
A giant meteor is heading toward the space house, so Starfifre, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Cyborg takes turns in the holographic chamber to see whose plan will work.

Episode 323: Space House - Part 4
The free vacation in space was just an elaborate plot by Brainiac to collect every hero and villain in the DC Multiverse. The Titans and Superhero Girls agree to help Brainiac become an adult in exchange for letting them go.

Episode 324: Cy & Beasty
Cyborg and Beast Boy can't agree on the better character, Tom or Jerry, so they play a little game of cat and mouse.

Episode 325: T is for Titans
The Titans are shocked to learn that the T Tower had previous owners.

Episode 326: Creative Geniuses
The Titans visit the Jump City Comic Book Con, where they meet Marv Wolfman and George Perez but also tangle with Control Freak over an exclusive toy.

Episode 327: Manor and Mannerisms
Robin attends a ball at Wayne Manor hoping to become heir of the mansion, but will the other Titans spoil his chances?

Episode 328: Trans Oceanic Magical Cruise
It's fun on the high seas as the Titans enjoy a cruise filled with dangerous missions, fast cars, and alien attacks.

Episode 329: Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate
When the Titans' beach day is ruined by garbage in the ocean, they learn all about recyling.

Episode 330: EEBows
Tired of getting pinched, the Titans' elbows rebel and soon bend the very fabric of time and space.

Episode 331: Batman's Birthday Gift
The Titans join Robin as he travels to deliver a birthday gift to Batman but they are detoured several times along the way.

Episode 332: What a Boy Wonders
Robin forms a book club to debut his new autobiography, but the Titans would rather discuss other books.

Episode 333: Doomsday Preppers
The Tower is in lockdown and supplies are being gathered, as the Titans prepare for Doomsday.

Episode 334: Fat Cats
After winning a huge cast prize, the Titans learn about the IRS and taxes.

Episode 335: Jam
Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman recruit Starfire and Raven for their roller derby team.

Episode 336: DC
It's Wonder Woman's 80th birthday, so the Titans head to DC Headquarters for the party.

Episode 337: Pepo the Pumpkinman
A magic hat brings the Titans' pumpkinman to life, but they have to figure out how to keep Pepo from rotting.

Episode 338: Breakfast
The Titans discover the joys of eating breakfast food for every meal, but will that lead to an old friend becoming too powerful?

Episode 339: Captain Cool
The Titans' antics with their imaginary friend Captain Cool annoy Robin until make-believe starts becoming real.

Episode 340: A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving Part 1
Beast Boy returns home for Thanksgiving and the Doom Patrol enter a float in the town's parade.

Episode 341: A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving Part 2
The Doom Patrol finds old home movies about themselves that The Chief had hidden.

Episode 342: Glunkakakakah
Robin teaches the other Titans the art of concealment through a game of hide and seek.

Episode 343: Control Freak
When the Titans run amok in the Tower's evidence room, Robin does everything he can to keep things under control.

Episode 344: A Holiday Story
Santa Claus enlists Beast Boy's help in getting him back into the Holiday Mob, which is run by Baby New Year.

Episode 345: The Drip
Robin finally experiences drip, a magical coolness that comes from wearing sneakers, and soon seeks out the ultimate pair.

Episode 346: S&P
The Titans' negative behavior is giving superheroes a bad name, so they must learn proper conduct to be good role models for kids.

Episode 347: Belly Math
In order to defeat The Calculator, the Titans must learn common core math.

Episode 348: Free Perk
Robin teaches the Titans all about health insurance.

Episode 349: Go!
Robin struggles to lead the Titans after finding out that his catchphrase "GO!" is trademarked by another team.

Episode 350: Finding Aquaman
While searching for a missing Aquaman, the Titans find themselves at the mercy of Black Manta.

Episode 351: Whodundidit?
While housesitting at Wayne Manor, the Titans must unravel the mystery of the clogged toilet.

Episode 352: Sweet Revenge
Robin starts working at an ice cream shop to get revenge on Joker's Gelato for denying him a free birthday scoop.

Episode 353: Porch Pirates
After their package is stolen, the Titans must join a crew of porch pirates to get it back.

Episode 354: A Sticky Situation
Sticky Joe's search for a can opener leads to a series of wacky adventures.

Episode 355: The Perfect Pitch?
Having watched everything on TV, the Titans decide to make their own show.

Episode 356: Pool Season
Black Manta offers to build the Titans a new pool but Robin thinks the construction process is too slow.

Episode 357: Kyle
The Titans time travel back to the 1990s so they can visit a video store but encounter a familiar foe.

Episode 358: TV Knight 7
To avoid chores, Batman and Gordon time travel to the future, but still find ways to watch TV.

Episode 359: We'll Be Right Back
Since the commercials are the only part of the show he likes, Control Freak creates extra ads to torment the Titans.

Episode 360: Jump City Rock
The Titans team up with Nandi and Thomas Bushell to take down The Joker.

Episode 361: Natural Gas
Outraged at the price they pay for water, gas, and electricity, the Titans go off the grid.

Episode 362: 50% Chad
Having grown tired of their current villains, the Titans hold an audition for a new arch nemesis.

Episode 363: The Score
The Titans have a hard time dealing with their emotions when an evil composer changes the music in their show.

Episode 364: 365!
Wanting their 365th episode to be extra special, the Titans head to the Warner Bros. studio lot to find a director.

Season Eight (2022)

Episode 365: Welcome to Halloween
Continuing their adventure with Pepo, the Titans escape the cold in a nearby castle, where they meet Krampus.

Episode 366: The Great Holiday Escape
When they learn that Beast Boy sent Santa to jail, the Titans plan to infiltrate the prison to break him out.

Episode 367: Looking for Love
When they receive an alert that Love is missing, the Titans set out to find her using musical clues.

Episode 368: Teen Titans Action Part 1
The Titans learn that toys from comedy shows don't sell, so they vow to become action heroes.

Episode 369: Teen Titans Action Part 2
Having grown tired of their new action lifestyle, the Titans try to break their deal with Toy Master, even enlisting help from the Justice League.

Episode 370: TV Knight 8
Commissioner Gordon has to work, so Batman joins him at the GCPD for fun and crimefighting.

Episode 371: A Stickier Situation
When Sticky Joe tries to clip his pet rat's nails, it leads to a wild adventure.

Episode 372: Winning a Golf Tournament Is the Solution to All of Life's Money Problems
After the T-Car is towed due to outstanding parking tickets, Robin has Cyborg enter a golf tournament for the cash prize.

Episode 373: Always Be Crimefighting
Looking to motivate them, Robin tells the Titans to solve some crimes or they're fired.

Episode 374: Easter Annihilation
When Cyborg's egg hunt tech stops working, the Titans go to their satellite to find out what happened.

Episode 375: The Brain of the Family Part 1
The Brain's home life is disrupted when his slacker brother Brian comes to visit.

Episode 376: The Brain of the Family Part 2
The Brain and Mallah continue dealing with Brian's messes, but when the henchman are in trouble, everyone works together.

Episode 377: Arthur
Robin threatens to fire Dr. Light unless he starts coming up with more inventive schemes.

Episode 378: Toilet Water
When the Titans dog-sit for Superman, Robin tries to keep the others from spoiling Krypto.

Episode 379: Plot Holes
After learning about movie plot holes, the Titans have some fun but end up throwing their world into chaos.

Episode 380: Utility Belt
Worried that he's only special because of his utility belt, Robin donates it to a thrift store.

Episode 381: Our House
The Brain becomes a home inspector to try to get the Doom Patrol's house condemned.

Episode 382: Beard Hunter
On a camping trip, The Chief shows off his beard and warns the Doom Patrol about the Beard Hunter.

Episode 383: Elasti-Bot
After Elasti-Girl is pushed to her limit, The Chief builds a robot replacement.

Episode 384: Negative Feels
Negative Girl starts feeding on negative energy, so the Doom Patrol must stay positive before it's too late.

Episode 385: New Chum
To prove he is extreme, Robotman becomes friends with King Shark and his gang of suckerfish.

Episode 386: Intro
Control Freak leads the Titans on a chase through various cartoon intro sequences.

Episode 387: Haunted Tank
At a Halloween festival, the Titans meet the famous Haunted Tank and its ghostly inhabitant, General Tucker.

Episode 388: Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Part 1

Episode 389: Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Part 2
The Titans are in charge of the 100th anniversary party for Warner Bros on the studio lot, and everything is going well until the magical WB Shield is broken into pieces.

Episode 390: Wishbone
The Titans use their wishes on a wishbone, but realise it's broken. They travel to Gobble-Gobble Land to set things right.

Episode 391: Christmas Magic
After the Titans get shrunken by Mumbo's magic, they must scale a Christmas Tree to prevent Mumbo from ruining their Christmas.

Episode 392: Ship
Starfire is the captain of a spaceship heading back to her home planet of Tarmaran, and her crew is some of Earth's finest specimens.

Episode 393: Catpin Freak
Seeing the benefits of being captain, Freak demands the position, worrying the rest of the crew.

Episode 394: 50% Crew
A teleportation malfunction causes the spaceship crew to lose their upper halves.

Episode 395: Five Bucks
Starfire and her crew play Tooth Fairy for the Tooth Fairy.

Episode 396: Wild Card
Starfire and her crew go on a dangerous mission to prevent Blackfire from acquiring a powerful Tamaranean relic.

Episode 397: Attention to Detail
The Titans start to lose some body parts and everyone, except Robin, blames the designers.

Episode 398: The New Offices
The Titans must accompany their animation team to the new offices.

Episode 399: Backup TV
Commissioner Gordon and Batman are ready for another evening in front of the TV, but Albert is determined to watch his show.

Episode 400: The New Captain
Monster decides to replace Stellarubia as captain of the crew.

Exclusive (2017-Present)

LEGO Dimensions: Team Building
Raven transports herself and the Titans to the Lego world to explore and retrieve more bricks for Beast Boy and Cyborg to win the brick building contest.

April Fool's Day: Meow Cats Go!
A team of crime-fighting superhero felines curl up in their Pounce City headquarters.

Cartoon Network Special Edition: NBA Slam Dunk Special 2022
Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy provide colorful commentary, "professional" insights and outlandish Redraw Replays of the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest.

Cartoon Network Special Edition: NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest 2023
Cartoon Network's version of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, highlighting the best slam dunks, hosted by the Teen Titans.

Movies (2018-Present)

Movie 1: Teen Titans! Go To The Movies
It seems like all the super heroes are getting their own movies - everyone but the Teen Titans, that is! Determined to be a star, Robin vows to change this. If only they could get Hollywood director Jade Wilson to notice them! With a few madcap ideas and musical numbers (of course), the Teen Titans head to Tinseltown. But when Super-Villain Slade messes with their plans, the Teen Titans will have to become true super heroes to have the world.

Movie 2: Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans
It's a double-trouble alert when an average crime-fighting day in Jump City goes haywire. Robin, Cyborg and the rest of the Teen Titans Go! members are kidnapped and find themselves unwilling combatants in an otherworldly face-off hosted by the maniacal manipulator the Master of Games! The Tournament of Titans pits the members of Teen Titans Go! against none other than their much taller selves, the Teen Titans. With Raven from Teen Titans Go! literally battling her own inner demons, this tournament may need more teamwork than either side is willing to tolerate to save the world... and all other worlds!

Movie 3: Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam
The Teen Titans are visited by the Nerdlucks, the iconic Space Jam villains who tried to enslave Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes. Astonished to discover his fellow Titans have never seen Space Jam, Cyborg organizes an exclusive watch party. Of course, if the Titans are watching a movie, don't expect silence to be golden. Raven and Starfire provide the commentary, Cyborg presents the fun facts, Beast Boy points out the butt shots, and Robin...well, Robin doesn't trust their new alien friends. Are the Nerdlucks here to attend an innocent watch party, or do they have more sinister motives up their sleeves?

Movie 4: Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
With the help of an ancient Kryptonian power, Lex Luthor unites the world's Super-Villains to capture all of Earth's Super Heroes, until... only the DC Super Hero Girls are left to stop the Legion of Doom. Our heroes must cross dimensions to rescue their fellow Super Heroes from the Phantom Zone, but a fortuitous wrong turn leads them to Titans Tower - where they find much-needed allies in the Teen Titans. The young Super Heroes discover their combined strength - and usual comic relief - are essential to save the day in this blockbuster event!

Cameos (2021, 2023)

Cyborg Cameo: Scooby Doo, Where Are You Now!
The Scooby Gang ends up investigating a mystery when they gather to reminisce about their favorite cases; host Janel Parrish.

Beast Boy Cameo: Titans Season 4 Episode 7 "Dude, Where's My Gar"
A snippet from Season 1 Episode 39 "Waffles" of Beast Boy saying "waffles" appears as Beast Boy views the multiverse through the Red.

The Night Begins to Shine (TBA)