Trans Oceanic Magical Cruise | Episode 328

Aired: August 6, 2021
Heroes: Teen Titans (Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire)
Villains: Cruise Attacking Aliens
Supporting: Vampire Dance Instructor
Beasts: Thorpighor and Sugarcone
Objects Utility Belt and S.S. Risky Business
Places: Jump City and Titans Tower
References: Tom Cruise, "Risky Business", "The Last Samurai", "A Few Good Men", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Rock of Ages", "Interview with the Vampire", "Days of Thunder", "Top Gun", "Mission Impossible", "Legend", Baby Hands, Love Boat, "Jerry Maguire", Alfred Pennyworth, Batman, "War of the Worlds", "Oblivion", "Eyes Wide Shut", "Far and Aaway", "Edge of Tomorrow", "Tropic Thunder", "Vanilla Sky", "Knight and Day", "The Firm", "Rain Man", and "Magnolia"
Written By: Jon & Josh Silberman
Directed By: James Krenzke