Pig in a Poke | Episode 316

Aired: May 8, 2021
Heroes: Teen Titans (Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, Raven, and Starfire)
Villains: The Joker
Objects Utility Belt and Titans Communicator
Places: Jump City, Titans Tower, Gotham City, Axis Chemicals, and Starfire's Scoops
References: The Scoop, Prince Charming, Batman: The Animated Series, T-Car, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Bud n Lou, Mark Hamill, Jingle Bells, Batman, Detective Comics, Herbert Hoover, Haly's Circus, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker Toxin, and Bat Phone
Written By: Brady Klosterman
Directed By: Ken McIntyre