Real Art | Episode 305

Aired: February 27, 2021
Heroes: Teen Titans (Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven)
Villains: Rainbow Rider
Supporting: Vincent van Gogh
Objects Utility Belt and T-Car
Places: Jump City, Titans Tower, and Jump City Museum of Art
References: Two-Face, Riddler, Batman, Starry Night, Apokolips, Napoleon, Catwoman, Mona Lisa, Land of Last Minute Valentine's Gifts, Leonardo da Vinci, Da Vinci Code, A Sunday Afternoon, George Seurat, Penguin, George Washington, Self Portrait with a Straw Hat, Piet Mondrian, Whistler's Mother, Inception, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Boating, and Bedroom in Arles
Written By: Steve Borst
Directed By: Ken McIntyre