TV Knight 5 | Episode 262

Aired: October 14, 2019
Heroes: Teen Titans (Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire) and Batman
Villains: Fidel Castro and Bane
Supporting: Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon, Sticky Joe, and John F. Kennedy
Beasts: Dave
Objects Batmobile, Utility Belt, Batplane, Batcycle, and Batsignal
Places: Jump City, Batcave, Wayne Manor, and Chateau de Fancy
References: Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Who Laughs, Trench, Mr. Freeze, General Zod, Batphone, Superman, Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Joker, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, Skeletor, He-Man, She-Ra, New York, Tokyo, President Nixon, Watergate, I am not a crook, Scooby-Doo, Gotham City, Knight Rider, Jellynecks, Lassie, Evil-Lyn, Battle Cat, Nirvana, and The Dark Knight Rises
Written By: Ken McIntyre and Dave Stone
Directed By: Ken McIntyre and Dave Stone