TV Knight 4 | Episode 237

Aired: April 22, 2019
Heroes: Batman, The Atom, Teen Titans (Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, Robin, and Raven), and the Challengers of the Unknown
Villains: Catwoman, Mockingbirds, and Killer Croc
Supporting: Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and Sticky Joe
Beasts: Silkie and Bigfoot
Objects: Batmobile, Batplane, Batcycle, Utility Belt, Pretty Pretty Pegasus, and Painbot
Places: Batcave, Titans Tower, and Jump City
References: Bat Who Laughs, Zod, Scarecrow, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, "Batman v Superman", "Justice League", Penguin, Riddler, Shazam, Bizarro, Lobo, Bane, Serious Business, and Pompeii
Written By: Dave Stone
Directed By: Dave Stone