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Static Shock The Complete Third Season

Static Shock The Complete Third Season collects all 13 episodes of "Static Shock" for the first time following on the heels of last year's release of the First and Second Season by Warner Archive. The Complete Third Season releases on January 30, 2018 with a MSRP of $24.99.

Static Shock's third season was a high point for me in which I looked fondly back on prior to this release. Static's world began to expand - visiting Gotham City and going on vacation to Africa with his family - but also in the figurative sense. Static's crime fighting partnership becomes full circle as Richie Foley goes from the 'man in the chair' to a Bang Baby superhero named Gear, he further develops his friendship with Batman and they learn each others' secret identities, works with the Justice League to save the world from heavy-hitter villain Brainiac, and teams up with Superman against Toyman. The history of the show also expands as Static learns about his heritage in Ghana and meets the famous African superhero Anansi, becomes something of a legacy super hero when he meets Soul Power and Sparky, and the element of time travel is explored when Static meets his late mother Jean Hawkins on the night of her death during the Dakota Riots.

Like Batman Beyond, the series correctly, in my humble opinion, shifts away from high school and focuses more heavily on Static and Gear's exploits across Dakota. But something I was on the fence about is the shift from spotlight on the supporting cast to the guest stars. Robert Hawkins is reduced to a background character with some highlights in "Static in Africa" and "Blast from the Past" as is Sharon whose amusing banter with Virgil is dialed back aside from an occasional incident like "The Usual Suspect". Likewise, Frieda and Daisy are background characters used to sometimes move an episode's plot along like "Shebang", "Romeo in the Mix" or "Toys in the Hood". I admit time has not dulled my low opinion of Shebang and Lil Romeo's episodes but all together, season three of Static Shock was some of the best stories of the series and the step up in the quality of animation was a boon.

The collection uses a clear DVD case as opposed to the black cases used for seasons one and two. The interior sports the flip arm instead of the type of case where disc 1 and 2 were semi-overlain atop each other in previous releases. The cover art is bit too copy-paste in lieu of using old season 3 promo art but these Archive releases are done on a limited budget. The collection also glaringly does not have a subtitle track like the previous seasons. There is a bonus episode on disc two, the "Obsession" episode of Superman: The Animated Series which is billed appropriately as the prequel to "Toys in the Hood" and concluding the story of Toyman and Darcy Mason. I'm hoping this means they may include at least the Justice League Unlimited season one finale "The Once and Future Thing" Part Two in a hopefully happening Static Shock The Complete Fourth Season release later this year. Though it would have been nice to have a retrospective with some of the cast and crew or a commentary track instead, it is appreciated they were able to squeeze something extra. Static Shock The Complete Third Season is a highly recommended purchase.


Disc One
*Hard as Nails
*Static in Africa
*The Usual Suspect
*A League of Their Own: Part One
*A League of Their Own: Part Two
*Romeo in the Mix

Disc Two
*Toys in the Hood
*The Parent Trap
*Blast from the Past
*Special Feature Superman: The Animated Series "Obsession" Prequel to "Toys in the Hood"