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Deleted Scenes and Lines from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker The Official Screenplay

  • Page 1
  • When: Opening scene.
  • Quote: Suddenly, the Batmobile dramatically dives down out of the night sky and heads for a large industrial building. This building is GOTHAM SHIPPING, a receiving center for high-tech equipment, built on several elevated levels of the city. The bottom of the Batmobile slides open and BATMAN ejects out. He fires his boot rockets and streaks down toward the building below.

  • Page 4
  • When: Alternate version of Batman's entrance
  • Quote: As Chucko speaks, a SHADOW appears, headed toward the window. It is Batman, who crashes through, knocking Chucko out of his lifter and sending him to the floor.
    Chucko (surprised cry)
    Batman lands atop the machinery the Jokerz were moving and glares threateningly at the other Jokerz.

  • Page 5
  • When: After Batman says, "Yeah, Bonk. Don't."
  • Quote: Woof's glowing eyes appear behind Batman, lunging up at him from the darkness below.
    Woof (animal shriek)
    The savage creature catches Batman from behind, carrying him off the machinery and knocking him hard onto the floor.
    Batman (impact grunt)
    Woof (shrieks, giggles)
    As Woof rakes Batman with his claws, Ghoul catches Batman around the neck with Woof's leash and starts to pull. Batman grabs the bizarre-looking collar and struggles to pull it away from his neck.
    Batman (straining gasps)

  • Page 6
  • When: After Dee-Dee sisters says, "On the double!"
  • Quote: Dee-Dee #1 uses a taser-like device to short out the console (like cutting the security system) allowing Dee-Dee #2 to pull a lever.
    A vast, circular door set into the floor of the building. It slides open in a circular manner like a camera lens, allowing the two loaders to descend with the machinery. We see a flatbed transport waiting far below to receive the object.
    The girls split-up, one girl jumping onto Bonk's lifter, the other girl onto Chucko's, as the lifters start for the door.
    Batman flips Ghoul over his head, sending him colliding into Woof.
    Ghoul/Woof (grunts, snarls)
    Batman tears off the leash, jumps to his feet, and runs after the lifters, now swiftly lowering the machinery down through the door.
    Now ignored by Batman, they leap through the window that the hero smashed in earlier.
    Woof (wild laugh).

  • Page 7-8
  • When: After Batman dives through the circular opening, an alternate version of the aerial battle.
  • Quote: Dee-Dee #1 sees Batman diving down and back-flips off Bonk's lifter.
    Dee-Dee #1
    ON DEE-DEE #1
    She tumbles across the top of the machinery and her sister catches her as she reaches Chucko's lifter.
    Dee-Dee #2
    Gotcha, Sis!
    Batman lands on the spot vacated by Dee-Dee #1.
    Bonk whirls to glare at him.
    You got a death wish, Bats!
    And here I thought I was just being a good citizen.
    Bonk detaches the arms from the machinery and veers the lifter away.
    Now holding the machinery by itself, Chucko's lifter severely dips and strains under the weight. The Deeds barely manage to hold on.
    Dee-Dee #1 & #2 (screams)
    Bonk! You moron! Get back here!
    Oblivious to the fact that his lifter is now flying wild, Bonk leaps at Batman.
    Bonk (enraged cry)
    They go slugging. The lifter streaks down in a wide, circular trajectory. It careens off the sides of buildings, smashes windows, etc.

  • Page 9-10
  • When: Alternate scene of the lifters colliding
  • Quote: Batman springs up and takes control of the lifter. He guns it toward:
    Chucko has straightened out his lifter when he and the Deeds look up to see Batman's lifter headed right for them.
    Chucko/Dee-Dee #1 & #2 (scared screams)
    They drop the machinery and quickly veer away to keep from being hit.
    Ghoul and Woof are just running up to the transport when they see the machinery falling toward them.
    Ghoul (startling cry)
    Woof (scared yelp)
    They run for cover as the machine smashes onto the transport, breaking both it and machine itself. The transport starts to spark and smoke
    He quickly rummages through the wreckage of the machinery and pulls out a small computer guidance board, the electronic memory of the object.
    Ghoul looks up to see Batman gliding down and tosses a smiley-faced grenade at him. Batman dives out of the way but the grenade explodes in mid-air, knocking him back.
    Batman (startled cry)
    He brings his lifter down close to street level near the wrecked machine, and yells to Ghoul:
    Move it!
    Ghoul scrambles in, followed by Woof. The lifter takes off, CAMERA FOLLOWING, as it sweeps up to where Bonk is still hanging off a flagpole. As it passes beneath, Bonk drops off, causing the lifter to list, but it still stays airborne.
    He rises from where he's fallen and looks to see the Jokerz are long gone. The sparking transport behind him burts into flame and Batman quickly leaps away just before it explodes. Batman shakes his head.

  • Page 11
  • When: Before Bruce throws Batarang at dummies.
    It streaks through the night sky, headed across a wooded area toward Wayne Manor. The craft dips down through the trees, headed for a stand of tall, thick pines. At the last second the trees swivel away in separate directions, revealing a stone door, which rises up into the sheer rock wall behind it. The instant the Batmobile flies through, the stone door slides back down as the trees' base swivels back into place.

  • Page 13
  • When: Alternate line of VR Newswoman's opening sentence with "Wayne Industries" that was changed to "Wayne Enterprises" in the final version.
  • Quote: Today, Gotham billionaire Bruce Wayne stunned the financial world with his plans to resume active leadership of Wayne Industries.

  • Page 14
  • When: Alternate line of Pryce's opening sentence with "Wayne Industries" that was changed to "Wayne Enterprises" in the final version.
  • Quote: I, of course, join the rest of our Wayne Industries family in welcoming back our most valuable senior resource, Bruce Wayne.

  • Page 14
  • When: Right after Jordan Pryce's passive aggressive welcome back message on the VR News.
  • Quote: VR Newswoman (Voiceover)
    (heard faintly in the background)
    Bruce Wayne is certainly no stranger to challenges. Orphaned at age nine, he later assumed control of his father's pharmaceutical company, diversifying it into the areas of computer science and industrial research, making the young Wayne a billionaire many times over. Though Jordan Pryce's concerns have given rise to some doubts among shareholders, the market jumped today with news of Wayne's return. Shares in Wayne Industries stock were trading briskly this afternoon and had risen five points by the final bet.

  • Page 15
  • When: Right after Bruce Wayne asks, "Who sleeps anymore?"
  • Quote: VR Newsman
    Wayne will assume the reigns of the company later this week in a special ceremony at the weekly constructed Wayne Enterprises complex, a state-of-the-art office and science center.
    The TV shows an image of the futuristic new center. Terry nods with approval.
    Even though I don't get around as much as I like, I can still help the city in some small ways.
    There's nothing small about that. It must have cost a billion.
    Sure hope I'm in your will.
    Bruce gives Terry a friendly pat on the shoulder.
    Takin' it with me, kid.
    Bruce moves off as Terry shakes his head.

  • Page 21
  • When: Before Joker says, "Why, in my day".
  • Quote: Joker
    Rank amateur kids.

  • Page 25
  • When: After Joker asks Ghoul and Chucko if he's with him and they reply.
  • Quote: Joker
    Woof just grins and licks the Joker's face.

  • Page 25
  • When: After Joker says, "Oh, right. Dead."
  • Quote: Joker
    Deeds, be a lamb and sweep out the trash. There's a good girls.
    Dee-Dee #1 and Dee-Dee #2 pull Bonk's body off the table and start to haul it away. The Joker shrugs with mock regret.
    Part of me hated to do that. A very small part.

  • Page 26
  • When: After Ghoul says "Checking."
  • Quote: Woof pops his head up over a corner of the desk and grins at the Joker, who flips him a jelly bean.
    Woof (friendly panting)
    Nice doggy.

  • Page 27-28
  • When: Before Ms. Carr speaks to Bruce Wayne at the reception atop the Wayne Enterprises complex.
  • Quote: Woman #1 Offscreen
    There he is!
    Terry becomes aware of a pair of attractive twenty-something women standing nearby.
    Woman #1
    He's adorable.
    Woman #2
    So handsome.
    Terry smiles, then suddenly realizes the women aren't referring to him, but to the just entering and elegantly attired Bruce Wayne. Bruce gives the women a polite nod.
    The women beam with delight at being noticed. Terry moves off with Bruce.
    Gotta be the money.

  • Page 29
  • When: Alternate line of Bruce saying, "Thank you, Ms. Carr" changed to "Thank you, Joyce" in the final version.
  • Quote: Bruce
    Thank you, Ms. Carr.

  • Page 31
  • When: Alternate version of Terry pulling Bruce away from Woof.
  • Quote: Before the creature can attack again, Terry darts out and pulls Bruce to safety behind the dais screen.

  • Page 31
  • When: Alternate version of the Deeds pulling Bruce back onto the dais where in the final version he is kicked on.
  • Quote: The Deeds pull Bruce back out onto the dias.

  • Page 32
  • When: After Joker says, "After all, who'd know me better than you?"
  • Quote: The Joker threateningly starts for Bruce, but he is knocked away by Batman.

  • Page 33
  • When: After Joker summons "Woof!".
  • Quote: Joker
    Sic 'im.

  • Page 33
  • When: After Chucko confirms, "We're home free" and Joker replies, "Then I'll see you there."
  • Quote: Chucko smashes the hover-lifter through the lab's doors and takes off.

  • Page 35
  • When: Alternate version of when Batman saves the guests.
  • Quote: Bruce hurries over to the blast site just as Batman flies back up with the two still-terrified guests. Batman quickly scans the sky but the Joker's hover-car has vanished.

  • Page 35
  • When: Alternate line of Terry's in the limo changed to "I messed up" in the final version.
  • Quote: Terry
    I screwed up.

  • Page 37
  • When: Alternate line of VR Newsman in Tim's house changed to Wayne Enterprises.
  • Quote: This was the scene just three hours ago as a man claiming to be the legendary Joker disrupted a ceremony at the newly opened Wayne Industries building.

  • Page 38
  • When: Alternate version of opening on Commissioner Gordon's office.
  • Quote: We see the same shot of the Joker on Gordon's computer screen. COMMISSIONER BARBARA GORDON stares intently at the Joker's image. There' a knock on her door. Without looking up, Gordon responds:.

  • Page 39
  • When: Alternate line of Terry changed to "Big deal."
  • Quote: Big whoop.

  • Page 44
  • When: When Terry is telling Bruce what it means to be Batman and between when Terry says "The state says my three months in juvie wiped me clean, but my soul tells me different" and "Every time I put on that suit it's my chance to help people who are in trouble."
  • Quote: Terry
    You've never had to look into the eyes of a girlfriend's father and know all he's seeing is "the bad kid." To know that despite whatever I accomplish in school, I'll always be the guy who "did time."

  • Page 45
  • When: Alternate version of Terry at the fridge. In the final version, he only took out milk.
  • Quote: Terry, wearing a bathrobe, opens the kitchen fridge and takes out juice and milk.

  • Page 45
  • When: Alternate version of Matt's line "Never seen him before in my life."
  • Quote: Never seen the dreg before in my life.

  • Page 46
  • When: After Mary sighs.
  • Quote: Guys...

  • Page 47-53
  • When: Between when Terry flicks cereal at Matt's face and Terry finding Dana in the nightclub.
    An elevator door opens and Bruce enters the terrace area where the Joker-disrupted reception was held the night before. The place is still pretty much in shambles-broken glass and overturned tables everywhere.
    Pryce (Offscreen)
    Clear that garbage away.
    Bruce looks to see:
    The executive is supervising a team of uniformed CLEANUP WORKERS.
    And sweep that glass up.
    Yes, sir.
    Pryce sees Bruce and walks over to him.
    Well, Bruce. Looks like your return party brought out the lunatic fringe in full force.
    They weren't on my guest list.
    No, of course not. Terrible that our company should be a target for such a thing. Don't know how I'll explain it to our shareholders.
    Pryce starts off for his office, with Bruce following.
    Sorry I missed you at the party.
    Pryce turns at his door.
    It was your night. I didn't want to be in the way.
    Pryce starts to go in but Bruce gently holds the door open with his cane.
    Jordan, I know you're not happy with my return.
    Please. I'm not paid to have an opinion on the matter. You are the head of his corporation and I will strive to do my best for the company, as would any other employee. Hmm...
    Pryce pauses, considering something he hadn't thought of before.
    Something wrong?
    No. I just noticed you're alone today. Usually you have Terry her to assist you.
    Bruce is intrigued by this.
    I'm surprised someone in your position would remember the name of a boy he'd seen maybe once before.
    There is a pause, then Pryce sweeps his hand toward his office, gesturing Bruce to come inside. Pryce moves to his inner office bar and pours himself a drink.
    I got to my position by being thorough, Bruce. Besides, I've made it a point to know everything there is to know about the man I work for.
    Pryce takes his drink and sits down opposite Bruce as he recounts Bruce's life story.
    Orphaned at age nine and educated abroad. Returned to Gotham fifteen years later, but for over two decades only took a passing interest in day-to-day operations. Seems you developed somewhat of a playboy reputation, late hours, nightly carousing, according to the rumors.
    The foolishness of youth.
    Still, during that time, you charitably served as legal guardian for two orphaned boys. And later were publicly linked to now-Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon, though you never married.
    Hardly the stuff of legends.
    Pryce toasts Bruce with his glass.
    Maybe not. But like I said, I am thorough.
    Pryce's phone BEEPS.
    Secretary (Voiceover)
    Mr. Pryce? Your lunch appointment is waiting.
    On my way. (to Bruce) You'll be okay here on your own?
    You would know.
    Pryce smiles as he exits.
    I would.
    Bruce watches him with suspicion.
    Though not yet night, it is gray and dark, a light rain is falling. We see Bruce's car driving along this lonely country road on the outskirts of the city. PULL BACK to show Terry watching from cover of the woods. He's on his motorcycle. After Bruce's limousine passes, Terry lowers the visor of his helmet and follows.
    As Bruce drives, he talks to someone next to him.
    I'm standing by my decision. I was a fool to allow McGinnis to assume the role of Batman. It's no life for anyone and you can quote me.
    We now see Bruce is talking to Ace, who cocks his head quizzically at Bruce.
    It heads up a neglected road and passes through open, rusted iron gates. Atop a nearby hill we can see the abandoned, but still recognizable structure which once was Arkham Asylum.
    The limousine slows to a stop. Bruce climbs out of the driver's side.
    Bruce (to Ace)
    Bruce closes the door and starts to walk toward the entrance.
    The main door swings open and the bent silhouetted form of Bruce stands framed in the entrance. He slowly walks in.
    Terry rides up on his bike and parks it around the corner out of sight of Bruce's car. Terry removes his helmet and starts toward the entrance. He passes Bruce's limousine and Ace barks, tail wagging, happy to see him.
    Ace (SFX) (muffled bark)
    Terry waves to the dog, but gestures for him to be quiet.
    Shhh. Yeah, I'm happy to see you, too.
    Terry heads toward the asylum entrance.
    Bruce slowly walks through the asylum, passing dark, abandoned cells. Readable names can still be seen next to some of the cells: "Dent, H." next to a cell where half the padding has been torn off the walls; "Isley, P." beside a cell with a scattering of long dead leaves on its floor; "Nygma, E." next to a cell whose walls have been covered with faded, crudely scrawled question marks.
    Bruce shakes his head and continues on. So many bad memories.
    He quietly ducks through Arkham, following Bruce's trail.
    He continues on past where a sawhorse barrier has been erected by a demolished portion of the inner asylum. There are DANGER signs posted around the area and the sound of rushing water can be head rising up from far below. Bruce comes to a pair of imposing double doors. The words OPERATING THEATER can still be read on them. Bruce grimly sets his jaw, pushes the doors open and walks inside.
    Looking around a wall behind Bruce, he watches him enter the room.
    Bruce walks in, his eyes blinking in the dim light. His gaze falls over a row of Frankenstein-like operating tables and electronic machines, all rusting and falling apart. Then his eye is attracted upward, to a dim form seen swinging in a pool of light. Bruce's eyes go wide with shock.
    Bruce (frightened gasp)
    He ducks back out of sight, as the doors to the operating theater slam open. Bruce hurries out of the room, a haunted look on his face.
    Terry waits until Bruce is gone, looking after the old man with concern. Terry then approaches the operating theater and goes in.
    Terry enters the operating room and looks around. He looks up to see what Bruce saw, suspended in the dim glow of a broken skylight. It is an obviously fake, stitched-up and crudely made Joker dummy swinging from a rope. Painted across its body are the chilling words: I KNOW. The beeping of a pocket pager alerts Terry. He takes it out and glances at it.

  • Page 53
  • When: Alternate version of Dana replying to Chelsea.
  • Quote: It may be a change for you, Chels.

  • Page 54
  • When: When Dee-Dee first appears in the nightclub.
  • Quote: Then moving in perfect synchronization, the girls break into a hot dance perfectly timed to the music. They do a few moves which wow the crowd, then start to strut/ dance over toward Terry.

  • Page 55
  • When: After Dana exclaims, "Hey!" but before Ghoul grabs her.
  • Quote: Dee-Dee #1
    Please excuse my evil twin, here. I can't take her any place.
    Dee-Dee #2
    She's the bad one.

  • Page 55
  • When: After Terry calls out, "Dana?"
  • Quote: Terry is instantly flanked by the Deeds, who maneuver him away into the thick of the crowd.

  • Page 55
  • When: Alternate line when Ace growls.
  • Quote: What is it, boy?

  • Page 56
  • When: After Ace runs up.
  • Quote: There are a few SFX CRASHES and BUMPS, as if Ace is attacking something.

  • Page 58
  • When: After Joker says, "Hello...Batman" and laughs.
  • Quote: Then he lunges for Bruce.

  • Page 58
  • When: Before Terry calls out, "Dana!"
  • Quote: 'scuse me.

  • Page 59
  • When: After Terry pushes past Dee-Dee but before he klunks their heads together.
  • Quote: Dee-Dee #2
    Don't run away.
    Dee-Dee #1
    All the boys love us.
    Dee-Dee #1 & #2 (in unison)
    We're trouble on the double.

  • Page 59
  • When: After Terry klunks Dee-Dees' heads together.
  • Quote: Woof leaps over the crowd and crashes into Terry. Dancers scream and scatter as the splicer brings Terry down hard on a table, which splinters beneath them.
    Woof (savage growl)
    Woof keeps clear and circles for another attack. Terry instinctively flicks his wrist, as if trying to produce a Batarang, then remembers he's not in costume-dope! Woof lunges again.
    Woof (attack growl)
    Terry kicks the splicer away, but then is roughly yanked to his feet by Chucko. The punk grins as he tells Terry:

  • Page 60
  • When: Alternate version of after Chucko says, "Dunno why the boss wants a dreg like you out of the way, but hey, as long as it's fun."
  • Quote: Chucko belts Terry hard in the gut.

  • Page 61
  • When: Alternate version of who gets Dana to safety.
  • Quote: He dives for cover behind a fallen table as energy blasts hit it.
    She darts forward to pull the dazed Dana out of the line of fire. She shakes her a little, but Dana is out cold.
    Dana? Dana!
    Chelsea pulls Dana toward the exit.
    Hang on!

  • Page 62
  • When: After Terry dives away with Dana and lands near Chelsea.
  • Quote: ON WOOF
    He pops his snarling head over the bar and threatens Terry.
    Woof (snarls)
    Terry grabs a bottle and splinters it over Woof's head. The splicer SHRIEKS and withdraws.
    Woof (cowardly shriek)
    He has leapt over the bar and is aiming his laser weapon at Terry. Grabbing wildly, Terry picks up the first thing close at hand, which happens to be the hand-held soda dispenser. He fires it at Ghoul, hitting the hand he was about to fire with. The liquid causes the weapon to SPARK in Ghoul's hand, giving him a big shock.
    Ghoul (shocked cry)
    Terry kicks Ghoul back over the bar-
    Ghoul (impact grunt)
    -but the Deeds and Chucko are still firing at him. Terry looks at the giant slushie dispenser and gets an idea. He rams into the dispenser a few times, trying to knock it over.

  • Page 63
  • When: An alternate line from Dee-Dee #2 after #1 asks "What's he doing?"
  • Quote: Dee-Dee #2
    Maybe he's thirsty.

  • Page 63-64
  • When: After Chucko says, "Aw, you made a mess, dreg!"
  • Quote: Then Dee-Dee #1 looks around.
    Dee-Dee #1 (gasps)
    She tugs at her sister's arm and points. Dee-Dee #2 turns to see:
    The spilled slushie liquid is headed for the generator, which provides power to the club's lighting effects and music. The liquid hits the generator, which sparks and explodes in a bright flash. Nearby decorations are set on fire as the neon lights in the club overload and explode.
    They are startled by the explosions.
    Dee-Dee #1 & #2 (frightened cries)
    The club is plunged into darkness, though smaller explosions and bursts of fire highlight the Jokerz as they run for the back door
    He vaults over the bar and runs for the front door.
    A few cop cars are pulling up.

  • Page 67
  • When: Alternate version of after Terry places Bruce down on the ground in the Batcave.
  • Quote: He pulls Bruce to the floor and starts frantically pumping his heart.
    Come on...

  • Page 68
  • When: When Barbara wipes Bruce's forehead.
  • Quote: She smiles fondly at Bruce, then gives him a kiss on the forehead.

  • Page 69
  • When: Alternate version of where Ace is.
  • Quote: As a hysterical dog weeps over Bugs' feigned demise, we TRUCK OUT to shw Ace lying on a dog's sleeping mat, woozily recovering from his gassing.

  • Page 70
  • When: Between when Pryce tells the press Bruce took a bad fall and when he wishes him a speed recovery.
  • Quote: Terry
    Pryce continues on the TV.
    I will be filling in for Mr. Wayne during what will unfortunately be an extended convalescence.

  • Page 73-74
  • When: After Robin is hit by Harley's mallet.
  • Quote: Harley
    Now just hold still and this won't hurt a bit.
    The hoods lunge at Robin and start to beat on him.
    Robin (offscreen)
    Oops. Lied.
    Robin returns the blows in kind, pummeling the hoods.
    Hood #1/Hood #2
    (impact grunts)
    Harley winds up for another blow with the mallet, but Robin pulls it out of her hands with such force that he sends her spinning back into a row of trash cans.
    Harley (impact cry)

  • Page 75
  • When: After Barbara narrates "We soon realized Tim was missing."
  • Quote: BATMAN, the classic Bruce Wayne version, swoops down on a thug in an alley. Batman forces him against a wall, demanding information from the terrified punk. BATGIRL is behind Batman, also interested in what the punk has to say.

  • Page 75
  • When: After Barbara narrates "But no one had seen any sign of Robin."
    The place has been trashed, tables overturned, glasses shattered, the Penguin's hired goons beaten unconscious on the floor. Pan past Batgirl knocking out the last goon to PENGUIN, with a black eye and roughed up, frantically shaking his head as Batman prepares to pummel him.
    It becomes clear Penguin knows nothing. Batman tosses him aside and strides forward, the black of his cape.

  • Page 81
  • When: Alternate line of Harley talking about skipping child birth.
  • Quote: But rather than going through all the yuck of childbirth, we decided to adopt.

  • Page 85
  • When: Batgirl has an alternate line to her mother of the year line.
  • Quote: Batgirl
    Yeah, you're mother of the freakin' year.

  • Page 89
  • When: After Joker says, "But all too soon the serums and the shocks took their toll..."
  • Quote: Joker casually flips a few mints into his mouth as he watches the movie.

  • Page 89
  • When: After Joker says, "It's true, Batsy. I know everything."
  • Quote: Having finished the last of the mints, the Joker shakes the box, crumples it up and tosses it as he talks.

  • Page 92
  • When: Alternate line after Joker throws the prop gun to Joker Jr. and says, "Here you go, sonny-boy, make Daddy proud."
  • Quote: Give me the punch line.

  • Page 95
  • When: Alternate version of Barbara telling Terry Batman forbade Tim.
  • Quote: Barbara
    Bruce-Batman-forbade Tim to be Robin again. He blamed himself for what happened and swore he'd never endanger another young partner. Tim felt he had earned the right to make that choice for himself.
    I can relate.

  • Page 96
  • When: After Tim says "I'm going up to the dish."
  • Quote: Batman hits his camouflage mode as he alights on the dish, his costume assuming the pattern of the dishes' tiles. Batman moves silently forward, not wanting to startle the worker.

  • Page 96
  • When: An alternate line to before Tim says, "I heard you a mile away."
  • Quote: Man
    You can turn off the camo mode.

  • Page 97
  • When: After Tim tells Batman he was just as surprised as anyone.
  • Quote: Batman
    I figured you might.

  • Page 98
  • When: An alternate line to Tim to saying it's been almost 40 years.
  • Quote: Tim
    Look, it's been over thirty years.

  • Page 99
  • When: Alternate line to Barbara telling Terry to look up Nightwing.
  • Quote: Hunt up Nightwing someday. Has he got stories.

  • Page 99
  • When: Alternate line of Pryce when he enters the bedroom. "Champagne" changed to caviar.
  • Quote: Champagne, soft music, and charming company.

  • Page 100
  • When: Alternate version of reveal on Chucko. Changed to him on sofa.
  • Quote: He slowly turns around in the stateroom's big swivel chair.

  • Page 102
  • When: An alternate scene to Pryce being handcuffed to the table.
  • Quote: Both Dee-Dees rope Pryce and lash him into the swivel chair.

  • Page 107
  • When: Alternate line to Terry telling Bruce Barbara told him what happened to Tim Drake.
  • Quote: Gordon told me what the Joker did to Tim Drake.

  • Page 108
  • When: Alternate line to Terry telling Bruce what they would do combined.
  • Quote: Now let's combine those into something that would be used by a communications expert of Tim Drake's caliber.

  • Page 109
  • When: After Terry says, "I suspected Jordan Pryce might be the Joker" and "But the Jokerz were on your company yacht trying to slag Pryce."
  • Quote: and it turned out he did hire that gang to waste you.
    Bruce scowls slowly.
    Remind me to fire him.

  • Page 109
  • When: After Terry says, "I got him off the boat before someone blasted it into splinter."
  • Quote: Terry places the Robin costume on the computer. Bruce picks it up and looks at it sadly.

  • Page 112
  • When: After Joker jokes about giving someone a world-class hot foot.
  • Quote: Joker
    Over the past few weeks my Jokerz have stolen the parts I needed to override and control the gizmo. The only thing missing was the communications code, and Timmy kindly provided that.
    On the small screen we see the Joker reach for his jar of Jolly Jack jelly beans. He eats one.
    The yacht was just a test shot. I have something special planned for dear old Gotham.

  • Page 112
  • When: An alternate line of Joker telling Batman he's welcome to try and stop him.
  • Quote: Joker
    Once you get of there, you're welcome to try and stop us, but I'm not taking bets on that happening any time soon. Toodles.

  • Page 113
  • When: After Joker says, "Toodles."
  • Quote: Bruce (voiceover)
    Bruce watches the scene through Batman's eye lenses.
    Take out the laser system!

  • Page 113-114
  • When: After the Batarangs fail to stop the laser.
  • Quote: Batman
    It's like they know what I'm going to do before I think of it!
    Getting an idea, Batman throws two Batarangs not at the lasers, but into opposite walls. Both weapons explode, one of them exposing a laser's wiring system.
    Batman tosses a grenade into the wiring system. It blows out the wall and all the circuitry controlling both the lasers firing at Batman and the ones shielding the doors and windows.
    Batman smashes up through the lab ceiling window and lands on the roof. He speaks to Bruce via his headset.
    My only way out was to do the opposite of what Joker expected Batman to do.
    Watch yourself. The Joker is also likely to do the opposite of what anyone's expecting.
    Batman touches a control on his belt and the Batmobile dives into view.

  • Page 115
  • When: Before Joker calls Batman a nasty tattletale.
  • Quote: Batman

  • Page 117
  • When: Before Joker says, "Whoo! I'd better sit down before I bust a gut!"
  • Quote: Joker
    Do-it-yourself demolition derby! I love it!
    Batman swerves the Batmobile out of the path of an exploding fuel truck.

  • Page 118
  • When: Alternate version of Chucko firing on the Batmobile.
  • Quote: It dodges two of the blasts, then a third tags it.

  • Page 118
  • When: Alternate version of Woof appearing.
  • Quote: There is a scratch of claws and Woof charges out of the shadows, ready to attack Batman.

  • Page 119
  • When: After the Dee-Dee sisters appear.
  • Quote: Ohh! Look who's back for seconds.

  • Page 120
  • When: Alternate version of Batman in camo mode.
  • Quote: In camouflage mode, Batman kicks Dee-Dee #2, who roughly shoves her sister.

  • Page 120
  • When: Alternate version of how jawbreakers get on the ground.
  • Quote: The Deeds spin around in a flurry of motion, kicking and punching at every flicker they see or imagine they see. One of their blows overturns a big container of mini-jawbreakers, which hit the floor near the girls' feet, causing them to wildly slip and slide.

  • Page 121
  • When: Alternate version of Batman entering the factory.
  • Quote: A big metal door with KEEP OUT and GENIUS AT WORK signs whimsically posted on it. Batman kicks the door open, splintering the lock. It swings back on its hinges.

  • Page 121
  • When: After Batman enters the command center.
  • Quote: Prominently set above the device is a large viewscreen, which can be divided into smaller screens. On a number of small screens we see MUTED FOOTAGE of the satellite attack's aftermath: Channel 2 shows the burning bridge, Channel 6 shows fire fighters putting out the blaze at the movie theater and Channel 9 shows an on-the-spot REPORTER interviewing a patched-up witness to the blast.

  • Page 124
  • When: Alternate version of the claw ball after Tim says, "Nothing really."
  • Quote: Tim picks up a brightly colored toy ball and tosses idly from hand to hand.

  • Page 127
  • When: After Joker says, "That flabby oaf doesn't even realize I'm using him as a time-share."
  • Quote: Batman
    That's not possible.
    Anything's possible for me, dope. Old man Wayne should have told you that.

  • Page 127
  • When: Alternate line to Joker talking about stealing genetics technology.
  • Quote: Utilitzing top-of-the-line genetics technology, which I had pinched here and there, I encoded my DNA on a microchip and set it into Bird Boy's birdbrain...

  • Page 128
  • When: After Joker says, "Everything that was me has been a-sleepin' all comfy and cozy inside Tim Drake's subconscious."
  • Quote: Joker
    Of course, it took a few decades to rewrite his cellular makeup, but it was only a matter of time before I popped up again.

  • Page 130
  • When: An alternate line to Joker's hobble to safety jab at Bruce.
  • Quote: Joker
    Gone in a flash before Brucie can stagger to safety or mount a rescue.

  • Page 131
  • When: Alternate version to Ace pouncing Joker.
  • Quote: The dog takes the Joker in a leap, knocking him over and bringing the computer's command chair down on top of the clown.

  • Page 132
  • When: Alternate version of where Joker's buzzer lands.
  • Quote: The Joker's buzzer hits the keyboard, sending a massive surge of energy through it.
    He pulls his hands up and quickly tosses the buzzer onto the floor, but the damage has been done.

  • Page 133
  • When: Alternate line to Joker telling Batman he has to start again.
  • Quote: Now I'll have to start all over again somewhere else.

  • Page 135-136
  • When: After Batman realizes, "I like to talk, too"
    The laser beam has cut through the abandoned buildings nearby and is continuing on toward the factory.
    The beaten Jokerz come to in the factory's main area and see the glow from outside and the laser beam headed their way.
    Dee-Dee #1
    It's coming this way!
    Dee-Dee #2
    Run for it!
    Dee-Dee, Wolf and Ghoul dash out of the factory and into the arms of Gordon and the arriving cops.
    Hands up!
    The unarmed Jokerz surrender without protest. Woof slumps in defeat, his fearsome attitude gone.
    Woof (human voice)
    Aw, nuts.

  • Page 136
  • When: Alternate line of Joker saying Batman would never.
  • Quote: The old Batman would never...

  • Page 137
  • When: After Batman quips, "Can't say the same for you."
  • Quote: Joker
    I've never had any complaints before.
    Or laughs either.

  • Page 137
  • When: Alternate line of Batman noting Batman never talked to Joker much.
  • Quote: The old Batman never talked to you much, did he?

  • Page 140
  • When: After Batman is knocked to the floor by the Joker grenade.
    Gordon and her men have cordoned off the factory, but there's little they can do about the approaching laser, now starting to move steadily toward the factory. They look up as they see bits of the upper factory blown away by the Joker's grenades.

  • Page 142
  • When: Alternate version of Batman opening the door.
  • Quote: Batman wrenches the door open.

  • Page 143
  • When: Alternate opening to police lock-up.
  • Quote: The defeated Jokerz, Chucko, Ghoul and Woof (tethered to the wall and wearing a Hannibal Lector-style dog mask) languish in one cell.

  • Page 147
  • When: After Tim quips, "Hi, old man."
  • Quote: Bruce moves over to the bed and placed a comforting hand on Tim's shoulder. Barbara smiles warmly. The family is together again. Terry, knowing when to make an exit, closes the door.