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Real Identity: Yoru
Appearances (BTAS): Night of the Ninja and Day of the Samurai
Skills: Martial Arts
Voiced By: Chao-Li Chi

Yoru-Sensei was one of Bruce Wayne's many teachers. Based in Kurahawa, Japan, Yoru taught Wayne the martial art, jiu jutsu. Yoru's great, great, great, grandfather developed the Kiba No Hoko (Way of the Fang) fighting style. The style's Onemori Touch was too fatal, capable of instant death. He hid a copy of the technique's instructions inside of Mount Kijiki and only the surviving progeny were entrusted with guarding it. 500 years later, it became the subject of one of his former top students, Kyodai Ken. Yoru employed the help of Bruce Wayne for help.