Sam Young

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Real Identity: Sam Young
Appearances (BB): A Touch of Curare, Splicers, Eyewitness and Sneak Peek
Skills: Law
Voiced By: Paul Winfield

Sam Young is another of Gotham City's crusading District Attorney's and was probably the most successful to hold the position. Young earned the animosity of the criminal fringe; international arms dealers and splicers to name a few. Both of which attempted to have him permanently silenced. Batman saved Young's life both times. Young is also married to Commissioner Barbara Gordon, perhaps a reason for his successful conviction rate.

While running for re-election, Young ran on the platform that he put nine organized crime chiefs in jail, rounded up illegal unregistered guns and reduced plea bargains. His ballroom fundraiser at the Grand Hotel was crashed by Mad Stan. Nonetheless, Young was re-elected and later was forced to strike a deal with Jimmy Lin to take down the Tong, a Chinese mafia.