The Wayne Family

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Real Identity: Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne
Appearances (BTAS): Nothing to Fear, Two-Face Part Two, The Forgotten, Perchance to Dream, The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne, Dreams in Darkness and Beware the Gray Ghost
Appearances (JL/U): For the Man Who Has Everything
Skills: Medical and Business
Family: Bruce Wayne (son)
Voiced By: Kevin Conroy

Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne are the late parents of Bruce Wayne. Dr. Wayne graduated from Gotham State University's prestigious medical school alongside his two close friends, Leslie Thompkins and Matthew Thorne. Using the family wealth, Dr. Wayne started Wayne Enterprises, dedicated to social works and business endeavors. One night, the Wayne's were walking home in Park Row with their eight year old son, Bruce after watching the Mask of Zorro. The trio encountered Joe Chill, a mugger. A scuffle followed but Bruce's parents were shot dead. Bruce went on to promise to avenge their deaths.

When Batman managed to free Superman from the grips of the Black Mercy, he fell prey to it. In his scenario, Batman relived that night but his father, Thomas fought back, however, only to see the same fate when Wonder Woman pulled the Black Mercy off of him.