Amanda Waller

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Real Identity: Amanda Waller
Affiliation(s): Cadmus and Task Force X
Appearances: Ultimatum, The Doomsday Sanction, Task Force X, Clash, Question Authority, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, Epilogue and Patriot Act
Skills: Politics
Voiced By: CCH Pounder

Hailing from Chicago, Amanda Waller lived a happy life with her husband Joseph Waller, her high school sweetheart. Together they had five children. Then tragedy after tragedy struck and Waller lost her husband and two children. She pushed her remaining children to complete their education. Meanwhile, Waller completed college majoring in psychology and political science.

While working for Illinois Congressman, Marvin Collins, Waller became in active force in Washington. She became a supervisor for many top secret projects such as the superhero cloning Cadmus Project and the briefly mentioned Task Force X.

Before his untimely death, General Hardcastle revealed that the U.S. government had compiled files on every known super hero and maybe, even their secret identities. Waller inferred she had knowledge of Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne were one in the same. However, Waller's alliance with Lex Luthor got the best of her. The Justice League was eventually exonerated. Cadmus division heads avoided jail time and were transferred to desk jobs.

After Project Cadmus took a back seat in current affairs, Amanda Waller became the government liaison to the Justice League years later. Waller also developed a respect for Batman and realized that the world needed him. Knowing full well that Batman couldn't live forever, Waller used her old Cadmus connections to initiate Project Batman Beyond, a plan to engineer and influence a successor to the mantle of Batman. Waller's operatives managed to easily collect Batman's blood tissue due to his constant skirmishes in Gotham. After intense psychological profiling, Waller chose a Neo Gotham couple, the McGinnis', who matched that of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Warren McGinnis was unknowingly injected with a nanotech solution that rewrote his DNA to match Bruce Wayne's. Waller contracted an assassin, the Phantasm, to reenact the tragic element of Batman's origin but she refused in the end. However, Terry suffered in the long run. Waller started a new life of guarded retirement and closely observed Terry's life. Waller even managed to convince Terry that despite everything, it was still his own life and he alone would decide if he would become his father or not.