Ernest Walker

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Real Identity: Ernest Walker
Appearances (STAS): The Late Mr. Kent
Skills: Theft
Voiced By: Paul Colbert

Ernest Walker is a small time thief, in and out of jail. Walker was arrested and convicted for murdering a woman. He would receive the death sentence in five years. To the day, he claimed being set up and that he was actually at home eating a delivered pizza. The lead detective on the case, Kurt Bowman framed Walker with the woman's necklace.

Clark Kent interviewed Ernest Walker and was convinced of Walker's innocence. Kent questioned the pizza delivery resturant that Walker ordered from that night. A back up disk containing information on pizza deliveries validated Walker's story. The murder happened at the exact moment he received his pizza. Detective Bowman, who had Kent's apartment bugged, attempted to kill Clark Kent and destroy the evidence by blowing up his car. Kent survived but had to lay low and figure out a way to cheat death without revealing his secret identity. As Superman, he dealt with Bowman and came up with a cover story. Walker was freed and Bowman was executed by the gas chamber.