Daisy Watkins

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Real Identity: Daisy Watkins
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): The New Kid, Child's Play, Winds of Change, Bent Out of Shape, Replay, Tantrum, Sunspots, Trouble Squared, Frozen Out, Attack of the Living Brain Puppets, Consequences, Jimmy, Duped, Hard As Nails, Gear, The Usual Suspect, Shebang, Flashback, Romeo in the Mix, Toys in the Hood, She-Back!, Now You See Him..., No Man's an Island, Wet and Wild, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence
Voiced By: Crystal Scales

Daisy Watkins is a resident of Dakota City, student at Vanmoor Institute then Dakota Union High School, and is of west African descent. While a student at Vanmoor, Watkins was assigned to Lab 16, run by Specs and Trapper. She wrote her own math program and tried to mentor underclassmen, Duncan and Henry. When Virgil Hawkins visited as part of a special seminar, he and Watkins became friends. They later discovered Specs and Trapper's secret project, a machine designed to capture Static. Alone, Watkins found the power supply to the duo's laboratory and pulled a green wire, disabling the machine. After the fiasco, Mr. and Mrs. Watkins decided thought she would be safer in public school and arranged for her to be transferred to Dakota Union High School. Watkins and Hawkins flirted with each other but Watkins was more concerned with not getting between him and Richie Foley. They all remained friends only. Watkins also became best friends with Frieda Goren.

During the Christmas season, the Watkin's invited friends and family to their annual Kwanzaa celebration. Hawkins nearly missed it by volunteering at a food drive at the Freeman Community Center. On the side, Watkins tried to form a study group but was met with constant frustration when Hawkins was occupied as Static and missed the appointment. Watkins also became involved in various extracurricular activites such as Journalism Club and decorating team with Goren and the swim team. They shared their love of pop music including the Backstreet Boys and Lil' Romeo. While at the Dakota Multiplex with Hawkins, Watkins was knocked unconscious in a battle between Static, Puff, and Onyx. She sustained a head injury and eventually awoke, surrounded by well wishes and flowers. Static appeared and created a special electromagnetic light display for her. Some time later, when all of the student body were shocked by Foley's newfound super intelligence, Watkins even considered asking him to tutor her in chemistry. She also found a new friend in Shenice Vale, a transfer, when they both had the same P.E. class with Goren, too.

Watkins and Goren won a contest held by Bernie Rast Productions and were given the opportunity to direct Lil' Romeo's next music video. However, it was broken up by the appearance of the Leech, a Bang Baby. She then became a teacher's pet for Miss Moore, the new biology teacher. It was revealed Moore was Darcy Mason and she selected Watkins as the subject to replace when Toyman duplicated her DNA into a nanite clone. Mason then tried to kill Watkins but Static and Superman intervened. Static created a highly charged atmosphere to reveal who was who. When Mason tried to flee, Toyman's fail-safe mechanism activated and she was liquefied. Aside from school, Watkins also worked at an All-Taco in Dakota Mall. She was saving up for a necklace on display at Sullivan's. However, she soon learned she had become the obsession of another psychopath, this time, Eddie Felson. Watkins was the only person kind to Felson at a summer science camp and since then, he became infatuated with proving his love.

Some time later, during a B2K concert, Felson confronted Watkins. Static intervened and accidentally trapped him in hypertime. Back at the concert, Watkins made a move on Hawkins and held hands with him. A short time later, Watkins was to perform in a relay at a swim meet but it was disrupted by the appearance of Aquamaria. Watkins never suspected Hawkins and Foley were Static and Gear, not even after they disappeared from a recycling campaign after hearing an explosion.