Virtual Anchors

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Real Identity: Tom & Kim
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Golem, Spellbound, Disappearing Inque, A Touch of Curare, Ascension, Splicers, Lost Soul, Hooked Up, Rats, Babel, Armory, King's Ransom, Speak No Evil, and Return of the Joker
Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Jack Roth/ CCH Pounder/ Mark Davis/ John Rubinow/ Miriam Flynn/ Sean Donellan

50 years into the future, Gotham City receives its news via internet feeds from Gotham Pulsenet News. Based on cutting edge technology, news is current and up to the minute in a much more integrated way. The anchors' likeness is represented virtually. Over the years, they have reported on the return of Batman, various super villains, urban myths, and corporate espionage.