Veronica Vreeland

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Real Identity: Veronica "Ronnie" Vreeland
Appearances (BTAS): Birds of a Feather, The Worry Men, Harley's Holiday, Catwalk, Subzero, Holiday Knights, and Chemistry
Skills: None
Voiced By: Marilu Henner

Veronica Vreeland is one of Gotham City's top wealthy social elitists. The Vreeland line in Gotham descended from a land owner who hunted rare game for sport. Veronica is the daughter of a US Army General and lives without restriction. She often holds Gotham's largest galas. Once she was bored with the generic pattern of parties and along with her friend Pierce, seduced the Penguin in order to make him the subject of their next festivity. Surprisingly, Vreeland became fond of the heart broken Penguin.

Vreeland's wealth and naivety made her a constant target of the criminals in Gotham. While on a South American tour, she was followed by the Mad Hatter. In disguise, he sold her Worry Men dolls, equipped with mind control technology. Vreeland unwittingly distributed the dolls among her acquaintances. She was a victim, as well, and almost handed over her jewelery collection to Hatter's men.

Vreeland is a close friend of Bruce Wayne but the two were never romantically involved. Wayne, despite his playboy demeanor, is rather boring according to her standards. Vreeland, herself went through multiple marriages, one with a human-plant hybrid engineered by Poison Ivy, before she settled down for good.

It seems her daughter, Bunny Vreeland inherited her mother's knack for getting kidnapped. About 30 years into the future, Bunny was kidnapped and held for ransom. The ring was broken up by Batman. However, he suffered a heart attack and resorted to using a handgun to scare off the remaining extortionist. Batman retired that night. Over the decades, Wayne remained a close friend of the Vreeland family and later attended an opening in their name.