The Ventri's

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Real Identity: Helen and Kimberly Ventris
Appearances (BTAS): See No Evil
Skills: None
Voiced By: Elizabeth Moss and Jean Smart

Helen Ventris is the former wife of Lloyd Ventris, a petty thief that targeted various gas stations. Helen filed a restraining order on Lloyd and tried to shield their daughter Kimberly. Helen struggled to make ends meet and worked at a local GothMart grocery store. Lloyd had made attempts to reconcile but she refused. Lloyd then resorted to visiting Kimberly in secret using an experimental plastic that granted him invisibility. Helen planned to leave Gotham with Kimberly to escape Lloyd for good. Lloyd found out and kidnapped Kimberly but Batman interfered and returned Kimberly to Helen.

Kimberly believed her visitor to be an imagionary friend whom she named Mojo. She kept his gifts a secret from her mother, all stolen by Lloyd.