Jonathan and Dolores Vale

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Real Identity: Jonathan and Dolores Vale
Affiliation(s): Ashton Biotechnics
Appearances (SS): Shebang, The Parent Trap, and She-Back! (Dolores Only)
Powers/Skills: Biotechnology
Voiced By: Phil Morris and Pamela Tyson

Jonathan and Dolores Vale are a pair of scientists who worked with Dr. Koenig at Ashton Biotechnics to find a way for living cells to absorb energy more efficiently and bypass the metabolic process. When research reached a dead end, the Vale's moved onto a new project, one to synthetically create a super soldier template. They built every chromosome and programmed heightened agility and strength. Soon, Shenice Vale was born. The Vale's grew to love her as their daughter and fled the company. They lived on the run and maintained a low profile. However, while in Dakota, Shenice Vale made friends with Frieda Goren, Daisy Watkins, Virgil Hawkins, and Richie Foley. After her parents reminded her of their plight, she lost her patience and became a superhero named She-Bang. Ashton caught onto this hero and sent agents to capture her. After Static and Gear intervened, the Vale's joined the United States Federal Witness Protection Program.

While still under protection, the Vale's were secretly called away for an important meeting in Dakota City. Two days ago, they conducted a web chat with Shenice Vale near the Dakota Media Center. They were kidnapped by Koenig and outfitted with neck collars that would inject them with a fatal poison if they refused to work with him. All Koenig wanted was a cure, after he experimented on himself. One day later, the trio appeared at the Cowan Chemical Plant where the Vale's appeared in robot exo-suits to steal liquid nitrogen. Static, Gear, and She-Bang saved their lives and defeated Koenig. At the last moment, Gear's Backpack found the neck collar's shutdown code, 385 855. Months later, the authorities captured everyone associated with Ashton Biotechnics and the Vale's settled in Dakota City. However, when Shenice Vale went missing, Dolores Vale contacted Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley for help. Madelyn Spaulding was the culprit and was defeated.