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Real Identity: Tygrus
Appearances (BTAS): Tyger, Tyger
Powers/Skills: Super Strength, Agility and Tracking
Voiced By: Jim Cummings

Tygrus is the culmination of 20 years of genetic splicing research done by Dr. Emile Dorian. Created with the T-99 mutagen, Tygrus was a feline-human hybrid raised by Dorian in isolation. Tygrus was trained to be at his peak physical performance, able to track and kill prey at a whim. Dr. Dorian chose Selina Kyle to become Tygrus' mate, which drew the attention of Batman. Driven by his desire for Kyle, Tygrus saw Batman as a rival and wanted her affection, alone. Deeply intelligent, Tygrus developed his own ethics and knew that his surrogate father was an evil man. Tygrus' ideologies were often subverted by his familial piety. But Kyle was able to reason with Tygrus to spare Batman. He returned to Dorian's estate and confronted his father. A fire was sparked in the scuffle. Tygrus survived and handed over an unconscious Dorian along with the anti-gen. Tygrus refused to accompany Kyle and Batman to Gotham City. He disappeared within the island's landscape.