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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Brain Trust
Appearances (TZP): Ro's Gift
Powers/Skills: Molecular Manipulation
Voiced By: Francesca Marie Smith

A young girl with the power to alter the states of matter between solid, liquid, and gas was recruited into the Brain Trust. However, she was recruited under the premise she would be taken to a school to learn to master her ability. The Trust renamed her Transita, after being able to influence the transition of state. It appears that Transita resisted their brainwashing but went along, hoping for the chance to escape someday. She also befriended two other young recruits, Amp and Ro Rowan. Rather than openly disagree with the Trust, Transita used her power to sabotage a thermal device to be used to blow up a radio tower in the midwest. With Rowan's encouragement, Transita and Amp fought back against the Trust and won their freedom.