Jared and Lilian Tate

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Real Identity: Jared and Lilian Tate
Appearances (BB): Spellbound, Armory and the Eggbaby (Jared)
Skills: None
Voiced By: Omar Gooding (Jared Tate) and Vernee Watson-Johnson

Jared Tate is a friend of Terry McGinnis and attends Hamilton High School. He is often lost in thought and tempermental, due in part to his parents' divorce. He elected to stay with his mother, Lorraine, who married Jim Tate. Tate was resentful and suspicious of him, that is until he was showered with expensive gifts. Though unsaid, it seemed Tate had a schoolyard crush on Max Gibson but over-compensated by dismissing her as annoying.

Lorraine Tate is a divorcee who lives with her son, Jared, in Gotham City. She decided to get married a second time, to Jim Tate. During their wedding ceremony, Spellbinder cast an illusion on her that made her think she was trapped in a hive of insect monsters. This was all to steal a valuable diamond necklace she was wearing. After Jim Tate came clean with his criminal activity, Lorraine and Jared Tate supported him and remained a family.