The Thanagarians

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A proud warrior race with advanced technology. Eons ago, the Thanagarians were mere savages. The exiled Old One, Icthulthu found its way to Thanagar and offered the race a civilization; mathematics, agriculture and all the necessities. For a time, the Thangarians prospered and worshipped Icthulthu but eventually stopped believed and revolted. Using nth metal, they managed to banish it.

Now for some time, the Thangarians have been locked in a bloody was with an equally savage race called the Gordanians. The Thanagarians devised a plan to use a hyper space bypass system to warp near the Gordanian home world and claim victory. However, the daring plan involved sacrificing several planets, including Earth.

About five years ago, an advance agent, Lt. Shayera Hol was sent to Earth as a super hero named Hawkgirl, in order to study Earth's defenses. With her knowledge, the Thanagarians overpowered Earth and went ahead with their plans to build the bypass without Shayera's knowledge. The Justice League managed to fight back and force the Thanagarians to pull out and restart their bypass system elsewhere.

After being repelled from Earth, Hro Talek's forces were soon summoned back to Thanagar. However, they were too late. The Gordanians had overtaken Thanagar and had won the war between the two planets. However, Hro refused to surrender and destroyed a dozen ships. In a last ditch effort, Hro had his crew escape on various scout ships while he piloted the ship into the Gordanian flag ship. It was too little, too late. The Thangarians were in the clutches of their sworn enemies. It is unknown what happens next but is most likely the Thanagarians will be executed or used as slave labor. A small contingent of Thanagarians have gone underground and formed a resistance group.

Katar Hol

Real Identites: Katar Hol
Appearances: Shadow of the Hawk and Ancient History

In 6600 BC, two Thanagarian officers and lovers, Katar and Chay-Ara Hol were sucked into a wormhole. Their ship crash landed in ancient Egypt. Stranded, the couple decided to use their remaining technology to improve the lives of the local inhabitants. They ruled with fairness and compassion. However, they were not without enemies. A jealous priest poisoned the couple. Their bodies and possessions were sealed deep within a pyramid.

A more complicated and fictional description was engineered by the Shadow Thief.Though hesitant, the people of ancient Egypt were led to worship Katar and Chay-Ara as gods. For decades, Katar mounted a campaign to bring order to all of Egypt. He began to lose the love of his wife to his dreams of conquest. After the defeat of the kingdom of Khandaq, Katar discovered his wife had fallen in love with a top military officer and friend, Bashari. Hath-Set misinterpreted his words and poisoned the wine of Bashari. Katar discovered Bashari and Chay-Ara's bodies. Katar took the wine and died near his wife.

In the modern day, Carter Hall came to believe he was the reincarnation of Katar and Shayera, the reincarnation of Chay-Ara. However, Shayera remained skeptical.

Chay-Ara Hol

Real Identites: Chay-Ara Hol
Appearances: Shadow of the Hawk and Ancient History

In ancient Egypt, Chay-Ara Hol remained the wife of Katar. When they were worshipped as gods, she was his queen. Cha-Ara was hesitant to share in her husbands campaign to unite the African continent. She was more interested in starting a family. Her desires fell on deaf ears. Chay-Ara soon fell in love with Bashari, a general and friend of Katar.

Hro Talek

Real Identity: Hro Talek
Appearances: Starcrossed Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Hunter's Moon
Voiced By: Victor Rivers

Commander of the Thanagarian forces, Hro Talek is one of the highest ranking military officers of his people. At the time when the Thanagarian fleet first arrived on Earth, Talek revealed that Shayera Hol (under the alias of Hawkgirl) was actually a Lieutenant and sent to Earth five years ago as an advance agent to assess the planet's defenses. However, Talek had conealed the true nature of his assignment; to use Earth as the last link of a hyperspace bypass system. Locked in a bloody war with the Gordanians, the bypass system was a daring plan that would sacrifice countless innocent lives in order to allow the Thanagarian fleet to warp into the heart of the Gordanian empire.

Previously, Talek was a prisoner of war in a Gordanian camp for five years. He was systematically tortured and questioned. Somehow, Talek managed to escape and rejoined his people. He remained undiagnosed from intense psychological trauma received from the prison camp years. When he reunited with Shayera Hol, he clung onto his memories of her, unaware of her new feelings for Earth and its people.

When the Justice League made their move against the Thanagarians, John Stewart went alone to turn off the bypass system's force field generator in the command ship. When he arrived, he found Talek waiting and the two fought one on one. After Shayera Hol failed to reason with him, Stewart fought Talek again, without his power ring, and managed to defeat him. Talek called off the mission and accepted he lost his fiance.

Hro Talek would not accept that his people were defeated. After single handedly destroying a dozen ships, Hro flew his ship into the Gordanian flag ship in a suicide run. Hro's sacrifice only briefly delayed the enslavement of his race by the Gordanians.


Real Identity: Kragger
Appearances: Starcrossed Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Hunter's Moon
Voiced By: Hector Elizando

A Lieutenant within the Thanagarian fleet, Kragger operates mainly as an inquisitor in order to make examples of his peers and rise the military hierarchy. Ever since the Thanagarians landed on Earth, Kragger openly inferred his distrust of Shayera Hol because of her extensive amount of time spent on Earth in an alien environment. He closely monitored Shayera at every turn, trying to convince Talek of her betrayal.

Kragger planted a holo-disc device that recorded Shayera's conversation with the League when they were in hiding in the Batcave and tracked them. Talek ordered Kragger to lead his strike force and kill the League members. Against Superman, Kragger was no challenge and he attempted to use a weapon confiscated by Batman years ago, Mr. Freeze's Freeze Gun. Superman simply blew back the gun's rays and froze Kragger. Later, Batman devised a plan to take back the Watchtower with the Thanagarian ship. Kragger was thawed out and J'onn forcefully probed Kragger's mind for information. From a psychological standpoint, J'onn's trek through Kragger's mind revealed he was obsessed with becoming Talek's second, displayed by the statues of Talek and Kragger side by side and the representation of Shayera smashed to pieces. The probe traumatized Kragger and left him in an incapacitated state.

After his encounter with J'onn Jonzz, Kragger was left brain damaged beyond recovery. He was taken onboard with Paran and transferred to a battle suit that helped facilitate his physical actions. Kragger became fixated on killing Shayera, thanks in part to Paran's coaxing. However, he was easily tricked Vixen into revealing the location of the Thanagarian scout ship. In his fight against Shayera, he was defeated when Shayera removed his battle suit's power source.

Paran Dul

Real Identity: Paran Dul
Appearances: Starcrossed Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Hunter's Moon
Voiced By: Elizabeth Pena

A chief engineer of the hyperspace bypass system, Paran is a technological genius. This fact makes her oblivious of other people's talents and sincerity. Paran merely was engrossed in her task and suffered from a superiority complex. Paran is also skilled in armed combat, a decent marksman and short range fighter. Paran also had no qualms about enslaving humans in an effort to complete the bypass system. She was one of the few Thanagarians to escape the League unscathed.

Paran was assigned to lone scout ship that managed to escape the Gordanians while Hro flew the ship into the heart of the Gordanian fleet. Paran, instead of joining the fledgling resistance group, decided to lure Shayera to a distant planet and arrest her for her betrayal. Posing as a mining crew in danger from unrefined nth metal deposits, Paran managed to trick J'onn into sending a rescue party led by Shayera Hol. In the ensuing confrontation, Paran was defeated by Vixen and presumably left marooned on the planet with her party.