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Real Identity: Talia Head
Appearances (BTAS): Off Balance, The Demon's Quest Part One, The Demon's Quest Part Two, Avatar
Appearances (BTAS Comics): Demons
Appearances (STAS): Demon Reborn
Appearances (BB): Out of the Past
Skills: Infiltration, Weaponry and Hand to Hand Combat
Voiced By: Helen Slater/ Olivia Hussey

Talia, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, was raised and trained in seclusion by him. However, Ra's al Ghul began to doubt that the power of the Lazarus Pit would be able to continue to resurrect him. He sought a worthy heir. He engineered the kidnapping of Robin and Talia by his Society of Shadows, in an effort to test Batman. Batman and Talia previously met when they both tracked down Vertigo, who had stolen an experimental sonic drill. Talia was sent to take the drill for Ra's and assassinate Vertigo. However, she and Batman were captured. Talia discovered Batman's secret identity and admired his skills as he navigated through Vertigo's death traps.

Batman successfully passed all of Ra's traps. Despite being strongly attracted to Talia, Batman still refused to be Ra's' heir. Ra's was infuriated and left Batman and Robin to die in a collapsing cavern. Talia soon became torn between the two men she loved. Talia freed Batman, who then stopped Ra's from unleashing the Lazarus Effect on Earth. Batman spared Talia. She resettled in Gibraltar, on one of her father's estates. Months later, Talia was reunited with Batman and Ra's. She was distraught that Ra's had not sought her out and helped Batman locate him in Egypt. When Ra's was being drained by Thoth Khepera, Talia's loylaty shown through and she confronted the spirit. Ra's later admitted guilt for feeling betrayed by Talia. She double crossed Batman and escaped with Ra's.

Talia remained at Ra's side and helped to rejuvenate him with the Shaman Staff. She and Ra's fell to their doom but survived. In the Near Apocalypse of '09, Talia helped Batman defeat Ra's al Ghul once and for all. In the aftermath, the Lazarus Pit could not heal Ra's body. Talia was forced to sacrifice her life so that Ra's could use biotechnology to imprint his brainwaves onto Talia. Ra's al Ghul relocated to Cuba and operated as Talia for decades until he could perfect his imprinting technology.