Ron Troupe

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Real Identity: Ronald "Ron" Troupe
Affiliation(s): Daily Planet
Appearances (STAS): The Last Son of Krypton Part Two, Feeding Time, Action Figures, Mxyzpixilated, Hand of Fate, The Late Mr. Kent, Apokolips...Now! Part One, Part Two and In Brightest Day...
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part One, Secret Society Part One, and Destroyer
Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Dorian Harewood

Ron Troupe got his B.A. in Journalism from Howard University, interned at the Washington Post for three years, worked as an editorial assistant for Newstime, and became a television news reporter for the Metropolis-based Daily Planet. Ron Troupe is often seen in the newsroom mingling with his co-workers but when a story hits, he is on the scene.

Troupe was seen among news reporters interviewing the Justice League on several occasions; when J'onn Jonzz and Green Lantern botched a robbery at PrimeTech by the Shade but failed to apprehend him and when the Justice Lords arrived and defeated Doomsday.