Kairi Tanaga

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Real Identity: Kairi Tanaga
Appearances (BTAS): Day of the Samurai
Appearances (BB): Curse of the Kobra Part One and Part Two
Skills: Martial Arts(Infiltration, Weaponry and Hand to Hand Combat)
Voiced By: Julie Kato/ Takayo Fisher

Kairi Tanaga was one of Yoru-Sensei's top students. She was no match, at the time, for an ex-student, Kyodai Ken. He kidnapped Tanaga and blackmailed Yoru for the secret instructions of the Onemori Touch. Tanaga was later rescued by Batman.

Sometime later, Tanaga deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman. She also moved to Gotham City from Japan. She opened a fish stand but was really continuing her master's legacy. She operated a secret dojo. Bruce Wayne decided to send his protege, Terry McGinnis to train under Tanaga. She accepted but was also concerned with another student, Zander. She was aware of his connection to a cult, which turned out to be Kobra. Tanaga believed that by teaching him Budo, the ancient warrior code, she could balance out Zander's fanatic stance. Tanaga provided Wayne with a contact number but later infiltrated a Kobra flag ship to confront Zander. Batman stopped Zander's plan but Tanaga sacrificed herself so that Batman and Max Gibson could escape safely.