Jim Tate

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Real Identity: Jim "Big Jim" Tate
Appearances (BB): Spellbound and Armory
Skills: Electronics and Engineering
Voiced By: Dorian Harewood

Jim Tate served in the US government's Special Forces after graduating college with a degree in electronics and engineering. After serving his time, Tate was hired by Wayne-Powers as a weapons designer. He single-handedly made the light weapons division profitable for the company. Tate enjoyed the high life and spent his earnings carelessly.

Over the months, Wayne-Powers suffered cutbacks and downsizing, mostly due in part to the ascension of Paxton Powers to CEO. As a result, Tate was laid off and forced to do some illegal consulting jobs, notably with past partner, Force Tech. Desperate for money, he agreed to rebuild a sonic wave prototype gun for Force Tech contact, Istivan Hegedesh. To do so, Tate had to steal parts around the city including a high capacity mother board from Gotham Industrial Electronics. To conceal his identity, Tate devised a costume and was dubbed Armory. He felt a sense of accomplishment as he put all of his inventions to practical field use. Batman eventually caught on and confronted Tate and Hegedesh at the Tate home. In the following court proceedings, the judge was lenient and fined Tate, as well as some jail time. His family supported him throughout.