Dan Turpin

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Real Identity: Dan Turpin
Appearances (STAS): Tools of the Trade, Two's a Crowd, Double Dose, Solar Power, Monkey Fun, Brave New Metropolis, World's Finest Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Hand of Fate, Bizarro's World, Prototype, Apokolips...Now! Part One and Part Two
Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Jospeh Bologna

Inspector Dan Turpin established himself as a legend within the Metropolis Police Department. Although he was known for periodic tantrums, earning the nickname "Terrible Turpin," Inspector Turpin's military experience became a valuable asset. He soon joined the Department's Special Crimes Unit, an elite unit dedicated to fighting high profile cases (supervillains, terrorists, aliens). Over the years, Turpin developed a close friendship with SCU overseer, Maggie Sawyer.

One case that continued to escape closing under Turpin's reign was that of Intergang. Intergang's leader, Bruno Mannheim always was protected by his lawyer team and avoided litigation. Superman's arrival crippled many of Mannheim's operations. Turpin was hesitant to roll over and allow Superman to deal with Metropolis' crime rate alone.

Without sanction, Turpin infiltrated the Mannheim compound to find something to incriminate his adversary, once and for all. Instead, he was witness to an alien visitor with highly advanced weapons. Along with Superman, he confronted Mannheim. Rather than surrender, Mannheim fled with Kanto to Apokolips. Turpin realized the need for Superman and accepted his presence and advice on cases that involved the likes of Parasite, Livewire, Luminus, Titano, the Joker, Karkull, Bizarro and one of their own.

Dan Turpin, Superman and Professor Hamilton met Orion, who revealed that an invasion was at hand. He recounted the eternal struggle between Apokolips and New Genesis. After the SCU rounded up Intergang agents at the Sinott Air Force Base, Turpin and Superman witnessed the detonation of the Ayers Island Power Plant. He scrambled and organized the SCU into military formation. Steppenwolf and his contingent of Parademons found themselves matched by the SCU. Darkseid arrived and paraded a beaten Superman through Metropolis. Turpin rejected defeat and influenced the people to fight back. Just in time, the New Gods of New Genesis boomed to Earth and swayed Darkseid to retreat. Darkseid killed Turpin in spite.

Turpin was given a hero's burial and Metropolis mourned his loss. His death was a turning point in Superman's career. Despite the image of an altruistic model of humanity, Superman was dealt his share of bitterness and led him to question himself many times over. Superman fought to make sure another innocent life wouldn't be taken. However, his determination led to the pursuit of the greater good, an ambigious goal. The Justice League Unlimited went under the microscope of the people and the governments of the world. Winning their confidence was just as important, Turpin's legacy.